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Weighted and unamended OMOV passes.

Well, if nothing else was done at this Liberal convention, I strongly felt that Weighted One Member One Vote needed to be passed.. and it needed to be passed without adding a self-defeating quota into its equation. If you’re reading the Liberal bloggers who are at the Convention, you will know that weighted One Member One Vote passed, and that the Young Liberals amendment to add a 25% quota reserved for youth voters failed, both overwhelmingly, according to those observing the vote.

With regards to the Young Liberals and the elections for executive positions they were holding simultaneously, I understand that among the candidates that were elected, Sam Lavoie was […]


An observation about the media’s observation of OMOV

Most of the readers who read this blog know that with regards to the Liberal Convention and the proposed constitutional amendments that will be voted on, I’m very much in support of the weighted One-Member-One-Vote passing, and for the Young Liberals of Canada sub-amendment asking for a 25% quota to be included in it to be rejected. (By the way, I’m not in Vancouver covering this; I’ve been amused at how many people presume I’m there, but I’m not. I simply couldn’t afford the price cost to go out there. That’s another reason I’m in favour of OMOV passing; so all members have a say in picking the leader wherever […]


Scott’s Diatribes interviews John Lennard, Young Liberal of Canada Presidential candidate.

The Liberal Convention is going to be starting in a couple of days, and along with the formal nod of Michael Ignatieff as Liberal Party leader, as well as various policy debates, there is also going to be elections for the Young Liberals Of Canada association (or the YLC). Normally, that would probably be an afterthought amongst even Liberal Party members, let alone general political observers, but because of the controversy taking place over the Young Liberals of Canada proposal to sub-amend the One-Member-One-Vote constitutional proposal to include a 25% quota for youth delegates, it is probably garnering a bit more attention, as that issue spills over into the YLC […]


The Liberals National Director Rocco Rossi chats with Scott’s Diatribes.

Rocco Rossi, the recently appointed National Director of the Liberal Party, agreed to have a little question-and answer session with me – mostly to do with the upcoming Liberal Convention. He also wasn’t afraid to express his views on the One Member, One Vote constitutional proposal that has garnered quite a bit of attention of late. […]


Monday internal Liberal politicking on OMOV.

The Young Liberals of Canada successfully got the Liberal Executive to overturn the changes in the voting order for amendments and sub-amendments at the upcoming Liberal Convention. It was first mentioned over at Fresh Meat, and which Dan remarked about briefly. The gist of it is that the YLC’s sub-amendment asking for a 25% quota be included in any weighted One-Member-One-Vote voting system for picking new leadership of the Liberal Party will be voted on first, and then after being approved or voted down, the OMOV amendment measure then gets voted on. I’ve done some poking around to find out why the sudden reversal back to the original way of […]


Some more OMOV stuff, and more on those voting rule changes…

I mentioned in my prior blogpost how rule changes at the LPC Convention have now been made so that any constitutionally proposed amendments must be passed first, and then sub-amendments to those amendments would be considered second, and only if the original amendment passed. That led to some supporters of the YLC amendment becoming furious. I got accosted without provocation on Facebook in chat by 1 such supporter angrily claiming that the Liberal Party executive was trying to screw the YLC. Well, as per Jeff’s blogpost update today, outgoing LPC President Doug Ferguson responds:

I hope you will allow me to deal with this issue and why the Rules of […]


We interrupt this Easter break for an OMOV update..

I said blogging was going to be light this Easter Weekend, but this blogpost over at Aaron’s caught my eye. It seems he was reading part of the constitutional rules booklet for the Liberal Party, and it seemed to him to indicate that the One Member One Vote proposed constitutional amendment vote came first, and any or all sub-amendments to it – i.e. the YLC”s proposed quota sub-amendment – came second. He asked others if he was reading the rules right, and this comment came along:

“OMOV is voted on and then if it succeeds the YLC amendment gets considered as an amendment to the constitution”

I’m checking into that. […]


Monday, Monday…

– Dan over at CalgaryGrit and Woman at Mile 0 are two more Liberal bloggers coming out in favour of Weighted One Member One Vote, and simultaneously against the Young Liberals of Canada amendment to keep a quota for youth delegates in that formula. Dan in particular goes into extensive detail why, and includes what type of a “WOMOV” setup (as he’s decided to call it) he’d like to see that might generate some of the Convention excitement. If there are blog readers out there thinking they detect a lack of support out there for this YLC amendment amongst the Liberal blogosphere, they’d be correct in their perception. It’s gone […]


OMOV and YLC quotas: From agnostic to against.

You might remember on Friday I said I had reservations about this Young Liberal of Canada amendment that would support One Member One Vote – conditional on the YLC retaining their 25% quota of youth delegates at Liberal conventions.

After reading a couple of Liberal blogs that have popped up opposing this “amendment to the amendment”, but in particular and specifically after reading Jeff’s blogpost and Steve’s blogpost expressing their reasoning for being against the YLC sub-amendment, I’ve turned from being indifferent to the YLC amendment to outright opposing it (and from talking to a few other Liberal bloggers in private, and seeing some bloggers in some of the above […]


Good proposal for ethnic outreach by Liberals

The Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) are holding elections this year for various positions in their organization. One of those folks happens to be a fellow by the name of John Lennard, who has been a very active Liberal in his young life. I first knew John from his blogsite, and have also met him in person a couple of times at a couple of Liberal Party and blogging functions. He happens to be running for YLC President, and I found in particular this policy position he made on multiculturalism to be very interesting:

As Young Liberals, we need to fight to re-establish the multiculturalism committee within the Liberal Party […]

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