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Some more OMOV stuff, and more on those voting rule changes…

I mentioned in my prior blogpost how rule changes at the LPC Convention have now been made so that any constitutionally proposed amendments must be passed first, and then sub-amendments to those amendments would be considered second, and only if the original amendment passed. That led to some supporters of the YLC amendment becoming furious. I got accosted without provocation on Facebook in chat by 1 such supporter angrily claiming that the Liberal Party executive was trying to screw the YLC. Well, as per Jeff’s blogpost update today, outgoing LPC President Doug Ferguson responds:

I hope you will allow me to deal with this issue and why the Rules of […]


We interrupt this Easter break for an OMOV update..

I said blogging was going to be light this Easter Weekend, but this blogpost over at Aaron’s caught my eye. It seems he was reading part of the constitutional rules booklet for the Liberal Party, and it seemed to him to indicate that the One Member One Vote proposed constitutional amendment vote came first, and any or all sub-amendments to it – i.e. the YLC”s proposed quota sub-amendment – came second. He asked others if he was reading the rules right, and this comment came along:

“OMOV is voted on and then if it succeeds the YLC amendment gets considered as an amendment to the constitution”

I’m checking into that. […]

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