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I love the retro 70’s look from Norway

On a much lighter Olympic note, the Norwegian Curling team’s pants are a hit. What pants, you say? If you haven’t been watching curling, it’s these ones:

The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants

Someone decided to create a fan page for their pants at Facebook, and they’re now over 313 thousand members. Not bad at all. They’re also getting widespread media coverage of their choice of decor, and that’s not bad publicity for the sport of curling either.

Most importantly, they’re backing up their fancy look with good play. They are one of Canada’s main threats right now for a gold medal.



Olympic Monday

I had some Olympic related thoughts on this Monday, in the midst of a snowstorm here in SW Ontario.

First, I hope the Canadian Olympic Committee figures out in the aftermath of the Vancouver Games that setting unreasonably high expectations for what we were going to get vis-a-vis medal counts at these games was a bad idea. They should have done our traditional Canadian low-key approach to this (“we hope to meet the medal count of 24 we got at Turin” wouldn’t have been unreasonable to say), rather then issue bravado to the world about “owning the podium” and leading the medal count. The cockiness should have come from the […]


Alexandre Bilodeau wins Canada’s 1st Olympic gold on Canadian soil

…ensuring that CTV commentators will finally stop stop moaning about no gold medals (we’ll have to put up with commentators exulting about how Alex is the “first” one, but that’s at least optimistic and slightly more tolerable).

It couldn’t happen to a better young guy either; the dedication to his brother with cerebal palsy is very heart-warming. Congrats Alex.

PS – I still don’t like CTV’s coverage very much.


A brief complaint about CTV Olympic coverage

Will you please stop with the “When will Canada win it’s first gold medal on Canadian soil” shtick? It’s only Day 2 for pete’s sake. Will you also please stop trumpeting every Canadian athlete as a “gold medal favourite” (saying they’re a “medal favourite” would suffice)? You set everyone up in the country for a letdown if they “only” win silver or bronze. You’re also putting more pressure on our athletes then there already is.

Look at Jenn Heil for instance. She was under a lot of pressure last night to perform, and did so. She just got beaten by a superb performance by her American competitor. She won the […]

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