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Sanity has returned to the US (hopefully).

As of this writing, Donald Trump has not conceded the US Presidential race, but that doesn’t matter. Joe Biden is the President-elect and Trump’s court cases that have charged voter fraud have so far all failed. On Jan 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in.

He will have many challenges ahead of him, but his biggest issue (and the issue he says he will get to work on immediately) is trying to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control. It will not be easy, as numbers are spiralling out of control and the current occupant of the White House will likely do even less to address the pandemic (if […]


Trump’s Covid-19 positive test – the ultimate October Surprise.. the ultimate Karma

News that US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and other high level Republican officials have tested positive for Covid-19 – and others awaiting test results after potential exposure to the above – has added another dimension of disarray to what was already one of (if not the most) chaotic US Presidential campaigns in history.

The effect of this on the US Election will of course be unknown until the severity and length of Trump’s illness plays out. It will be pointed out by many however that considering how cavalier Trump has been towards Covid-19, initially proclaiming it was nothing to worry about, to mocking Democratic nominee […]


Think you’re more qualified to be VP then Sarah Palin?

Well, take the quiz and see if you are!

Quiz: Are you more qualified to be VP than Sarah Palin?


Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

I’ve been a tad busy today, so I didn’t hear about retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama until this afternoon. That’s big news for Obama, and bad news for Mccain. I know there are folks down there on the progressive side of the ledger who still say that Powell was complicit in the Bush Administration’s false information on Iraq and will never forgive him for that, but opinion polls in the US still show him with a very high favourable rating amongst the American public, and this endorsement will do a lot for independents and moderate Republican voters, as well as military voters […]


Embed and its US electoral map at your blog.

I’ve always liked these sites that allow you to see their predicted election results right at your own blog or website, with the ability to click on it and go right to their site if you want to. The latest site to do that is the popular US site, which tracks the electoral map trends in the US Presidential Race. Here’s what the embedded site would look like on your blog as of right now:

Just go to this page, and copy and paste the html code into your blog or website.

NOTE: You can adjust the width and the height within the html code to be able […]


Sarah Palin a “game-changer”…for the Democrats.

So my blogging colleague Antonio over from Fuddle-Duddle has been trying to tell me how much of a game changer this Sarah Palin pick would be for McCain and the Republicans. He never expressly said it would help the Republicans and McCain win the Presidential election, but I got the feeling he believed it was a positive for the McCain campaign.

There is no doubt from what I’ve seen that she does excite the Republican wingnuts base, and why wouldn’t she? She’s anti-abortion, she’s for teaching creationism in schools alongside evolution in science class, she’s pro-oil drilling and anti-environment, she’s for teaching abstinence-only to teenagers and not safe-sex courses. Your […]


The road to the White House for Obama is easier then McCain.

I read this interesting bit at Daily Kos from Kos himself, discussing how Obama can win the White House even if he loses Florida and Ohio, an Achilles heel for the prior 2 Democratic candidates, Gore and Kerry:

Without Florida and Ohio, and keeping all the Kerry states (252 EV – ed), all Obama has to do to win is win 18 more Electoral Votes. He currently leads in these states:

Virginia (13) Iowa (7) New Mexico (5) Colorado (9) Montana (3)

Obama trails narrowly in:

Nevada (5) North Dakota (3) Missouri (11) Indiana (11) North Carolina (15) Georgia (15)

So there’s plenty of combinations that would get Obama to […]


John McCain needs to smarten up.

I think it was fellow progressive/liblogger Steve over at Far and Wide who told me not to underestimate John Mccain’s poor showing in the Republican primaries in Iowa as an indicator of how he might do in New Hampshire and the rest of the country, because he barely campaigned in Iowa or threw money at it, and was concentrating elsewhere.

Fair enough. But, if McCain continues to issue boneheaded statements like this, count me as being even more skeptical of his chances:

According to Wilford Brimley, voting for John McCain is the right thing to do.”Wilford Brimley is our response to Chuck Norris,” McCain said on his campaign bus. “He’s […]


Assessing the Iowa presidential primaries.

So, Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee ended up winning their respective primaries last night in Iowa. I was pleasantly surprised to see Obama win in a state that some might view as not being conducive for him to win in, but his message apparently resonated with a lot of young voters, who it appears turned out in big numbers to vote for him. What was even more surprising was that John Edwards appears to have edged out Hilary Clinton for 2nd place. I have said previously that perhaps he was the candidate US progressives could get behind, and it appears, at least in Iowa, that his message, which combine progressive […]


Edwards: The champion of the US progressive left?

This particular story caught my eye in the newspaper today about John Edwards, the vice-presidential candidate in 2004 who is again running to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in the Nov 2008 elections. In this story, he is portrayed by Stuart Rothenburg, a US political analyst, as being the candidate for the “working class” and the “left” – as if that is supposed to be a negative, and that his positions will risk “ripping the nation apart “even further apart than Bush has torn it.”

And what exactly are some of the positions Edwards has been advocating that has at least this one political pundit warning of further […]

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