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Keeping it simple will work for Dion.

The more Dion does this, the better it will be for his campaign:

At a rally in Napanee, Ont., Mr. Dion said that some people have called the plan complicated. “It’s very simple. I will give you the Liberal plan in six words, you will see: Cut income taxes, shift to pollution.” He then challenged Conservative leader Stephen Harper to explain his environmental plan in six words. “Okay, okay 10 words. Thirty words? No, no I will help him. In two words: No plan.”

As I have said before, I like the Liberal TV Ads on the Green Shift, and I like this approach of explaining it in the simplest […]


Dion listened to farmers concerns about Green Shift; snags big endorsement/candidate as a result.

I’ve been seeing where some of the Conservatives and others have been attacking Dion for – get this – actually listening to some of the concerns being listed to him by certain economic sectors (farmers, fishermen, the trucking and forestry industry) and announcing a modification to The Green Shift plan to help alleviate those concerns that their industries would suffer as a result.

That ability to listen and to be flexible to those concerns has yielded positive results today in Winnipeg where the Liberal caucus has gathered. Bob Friesen, who is the President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture -apparently likes the new plans to help the farming sector out […]



Interesting blogpost at the Guelph Mercury’s Guelph Votes blogsite today:

Defence Minister Peter MacKay will be going door-to-door with Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach. Mercury staff will also be meeting with Jennifer Wright, “the founder and chief environmental activist of Green Shift.”

Very interesting both of these folks appear in Guelph on the same day. I’d be interested to hear who exactly it was that invited Ms. Wright down today to the Guelph riding; was it the CPC? The NDP? The Guelph Mercury?

I’ll also be very interested to see in her talk to the Mercury how much she injects herself into the political campaign in Guelph. I hope for the […]


Progressive voters like the Green Shift.

What I take out of the first poll taken on the Green Shift since its release by the Liberals other then I’m very encouraged at the reaction to it is this: progressive voters apparently know a good environmental policy when they see one, and will give it credit for being so, despite possibly having differences with it over whether another option like a Cap-And-Trade is more viable or if the current proposed policy is strong enough. These are great initial numbers in response to the announcement of the Green Shift from across the progressive spectrum:

Two-thirds of Liberals, 59 per cent of New Democrats, 62 per cent Parti Quebecois supporters […]


The Green Shift trademark mountain being made out of a molehill?

So I’ve been reading where some conservative bloggers are claiming that “The Green Shift” website and name that the Liberals have come up is a copyright infringement of the company known as Green Shift at their website, and that an imminent cease and desist order is imminent from this company to the Liberals. However, Jeff over at Where’d That Bug Go called the company, and a representative said they apparently hadn’t gone that route yet. So, we’ll wait and see what happens there.

2 things that make me sceptical that this is going to lead to anything: Note that at the bottom of the Liberals “The Green Shift” website, the […]

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