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Ontario Politics Chatter: The Beer Store Monopoly, eyes on Sudbury.

I haven’t talked a lot about Ontario Politics much of late, but for my first post of the New Year, a few things have caught my eye I wished to comment on.

First, the Beer Store and its attempt to bring local craft beer dealers onboard is being viewed by some as a too-little too-late gamble in a desperate attempt to hold off competition to its monopoly. This series of paragraphs in a Toronto Star op-ed from Martin Regg Cohn is significant for me:

As more Ontarians realize that The Beer Store isn’t what they thought it was — not a creaky government-owned monopoly, but a globalized cartel — the […]


The proverbial NDP tempest in a teapot.

A lot of sound and fury from some NDP’ers about the Liberals holding a fundraiser in Sudbury; the main beef being because it was a high priced event (550$ to attend) and somehow, that’s inappropriate because of a strike that has nothing to do with the Liberals in the first place.

A couple observations: I’m sure the NDP wouldn’t have uttered a peep about this fundraiser nor express their moral outrage if Sudbury happened to be a Conservative-held riding, rather then an NDP one. Apparently, they feel threatened in this riding. I’m also sure that if the NDP could find people willing to pay 550$ a pop to listen to […]

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