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Harper, the snake-oil salesman

I saw an interesting op-ed by Carol Goar of the Toronto Star this morning, detailing in effect how Harper is trying to project that he’s giving out gifts to the world like Santa, but behind the scenes, acting like he is Scrooge, or the Grinch that stole Christmas.

For example, that so-called big initiative of ‘Saving a Million Lives’ that Harper mentioned last week while in Africa at the Commonwealth Conference isn’t a Canadian initiative at all, but one started by UNICEF. Furthermore, the amount of money Harper pledged is not an increase in funds to UNICEF, or even something new – Ottawa gives this same amount to UNICEF every […]


A good start.

As a liberal with a social progressive bent, I get very happy when I see governments fight very important social issues that often have been overlooked – and Ontario appears about set to do that by announcing a new dental plan for the poor in our society:

McGuinty is giving his anti-poverty initiative teeth with a $45 million dental care plan for the working poor… The new dental program…will help about 500,000 low-income workers unable to afford private insurance coverage for their teeth. It will cover preventive care, including fluoride treatments and cleanings by dental hygienists, and fillings and extractions by dentists.

That’s not all there is though: the Liberal […]

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