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More ‘Russian bombers!’ press releases from the Conservatives.

I hope the media doesn’t take these scaremongering press releases too seriously, and actually points out the obvious motive behind this, as the Globe’s Gloria Galloway is doing:

Members of the national press gallery awoke this morning to find a “read-out” from Dimitri Soudas, the Prime Minister’s director of communications, in their e-mail in-boxes that described what seemed to have been an aerial defence against the Russians. “On 24 August, two CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft were launched and visually identified 2 Russian aircraft, the TU-95 Bear, approximately 120 nautical miles north of Inuvik, Northwest Territories. At their closest point, the Russian aircraft were 30 nautical miles from Canadian soil….

Mr. […]


Ladies & Gents, your 2011 Voluntary Longform Census – Conservative-style


Nice new senator you’ve picked there, Harper.

There are two traits of our newest Conservative Senator, David Braley (who, by the way, owns 2 CFL teams – the Toronto Argos and the BC Lions. I still don’t get how he’s allowed to own 2 different teams in the same league – conflict of interest anyone? – but that’s another story).

The first trait, as noted by Kady O’Malley, is that he already has the Conservative trait of deny, deny, deny, even when faced with facts:

From today’s Globe and Mail:

As the Prime Minister’s Office announced Mr. Braley’s appointment, opposition Liberal researchers said he personally donated $16,500 to Mr. Harper’s 2004 leadership campaign and that his company […]


Irony in the UK results.

Fascinating results:

…results indicate David Cameron’s Conservative Party will win the most seats — but will fall short of the 326 seats needed for a majority and clear defeat of Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown.With just two of the 650 constituencies left to report results, the BBC is reporting the Tories will hold at least 305 seats, while Labour is expected to hold about 258 seats in Parliament.

..and this offer from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats:

The Tory leader, whose party won most seats but was short of a majority, said he wanted to make a “big open and comprehensive offer” to the Lib Dems. BBC political editor […]


Update on Hurricane Helena

Urgent Dispatch from the Canadian Hurricane Service:

Helena has been downgraded from a Category 5 storm with lots of fury and hot air to a very sullen Tropical Storm system. The storm initially roared into and out of PEI, lashing airports and people as it left, but it weakened as it moved towards the mainland. It’s now centred over Ottawa, with the centre of it currently over the the Prime Minister’s Office. No plans by the PMO to apparently do anything however; they hope the storm will eventually go away; it would be rather inconvenient for them to have to act, despite other people advising them they’re sitting under a […]


Maybe this CBC iCopyright thing isn’t so bad after all…

One of my commentators in the comments section of my blogpost (who runs Progressive Blogger affiliate Views From the Lake) condemning the CBC’s new licensing scheme with American copyright “protectors” iCopyright has come up with another angle on this business:

I think it’s a great business opportunity. I plan on heavy trolling of the Blogging Tories looking for breaches to report to iCopyright. A million bucks is a million bucks!

This is a very good point. He’s referring to the Boing-Boing article which states that “iCopyright offers a reward of up to $1,000,000 for snitching on bloggers who don’t pay Danegeld to Canada’s public broadcaster to quote the works they […]


The Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament surpasses 127 000 members today.

I, and no doubt the entire nation (or maybe just the nation of those who blog and read blogs) breathlessly await .. no.. YEARN.. for Mr. Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory head and organizer of anti-coalition marches and FB protest groups last year, to now admit that yes, CAPP has met his threshold that he arbitrarily set as his marker to make the group legit (in his eyes anyhow) as a legit expression of grasroots outrage/protest.

I somehow think I’m going to be disappointed waiting – I suspect the goalposts are going to be moved by him.

UPDATE a moment later: Ah.. I see it wasn’t long in that last prediction […]


Wow. I usually never win anything..

So what an honour for me and my blog to win recognition in a fake blog awards (I think).

That said.. I wonder how I won – is it because the person who runs the site has seen my photo and I remind them of “a favorite social studies teacher”, or else because my occasional emails to them do so.

Regardless.. some very amusing tongue-in-cheek categories. I’ve sent Bionic Liberal a personal invite from Facebook to show up in Toronto in November at our Progressive Blogger gathering there… hopefully they can make it.


I pretend to be a Conservative MP handing out government money..

..and crediting it to my party instead. Here I am sending you all your very own partisan infrastructure stimulus funding novelty cheque:

Do you also want to be a Conservative MP for a day? Create your own novelty cheque.

By the way, on a more serious and related note, read the Jim Travers article this AM on this pork-barrelling the Conservatives are engaging in:

Almost daily reports that the ruling party is favouring ridings it holds now and those it hopes to win soon mask deeper problems. Conservatives either don’t know or won’t say precisely how all those taxpayer dollars are being spent.

Call it confusion or obfuscation, Ottawa’s […]


The Conservative Economic Action Plan at work – stimulating the mudbath industry.

Forget about funding a Montreal PRIDE gay and lesbian arts festival that brings millions of dollars in revenue to that city. The government of Canada prefers to spend their economic stimulus on stimulating a nordic spa startup industry:

The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, today announced the awarding of $200,000 in repayable funding to Spa Le Montagnais under the Community Economic Diversification Initiative – Vitality to undertake the work necessary to establish a Nordic spa… The coexistence of a Nordic spa with other local attractions is bound to attract novelty-seeking visitors.

I think there’s a joke to be made somewhere here about shifting funding […]

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