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Media double standard on what reflects grassroots support?

A question popped up into my head:

Did any of the media columnists currently going after the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (from here on in referred to by its acronym CAPP) Facebook group over how it doesn’t really show grassroots support say the same for Stephen Taylor’s group? You know, the anti-coalition group that got up to 127 000 members last December (and is Stephen’s target mark for CAPP showing grassroots legitimacy, but thats another blogpost).

For example, did Dan Cook, blogger/snarker extraordinaire of the Globe & Mail, get snarky at that group’s big numbers as well? Did the National Post do an editorial on how Taylor’s groups […]


Don’t drink and write on this long holiday weekend.


Better disclosure on your guests, CTV (and maybe better guests, too).

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