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Why do this if you aren’t trying to hide something?

This action by the Conservatives is about as likely it being coincidental as the chances of me voting Conservative are:

Canada’s chief electoral officer is being called before MPs to speak about the robo-calls controversy dogging the Harper government on the same day Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivers his budget. The Conservative-controlled procedure and House affairs committee has asked Marc Mayrand to appear March 29, just a few hours before Mr. Flaherty tables the 2012-13 federal budget.

Most of the media in Ottawa that day will be sequestered in a lockup digesting the financial plan. They will be unable to leave the budget proceedings until Mr. Flaherty tables the […]


Conservative attack ads already? A distraction attempt, I’d say.

Some folks in the media and elsewhere are saying the fact that the Conservatives chose to start running attack ads going after Liberal “still interim” leader Bob Rae means they view him as the de facto next permanent leader and the greater threat then the Opposition NDP’s new leader – whoever that may be – and that the 2015 general election campaign for them has already begun.

It’s possible this is part of the “permanent campaign strategy”, but I find the timing of it coinciding with all the news about the ‘Robocon’ controversy to be a tad too coincidental. I find it equally as likely they decided to roll […]


Robocon update

A couple of different things today:

– Here’s a study showing that despite claims to the contrary: alleged voter suppression tactics using robocalls (ie telling them their polling station had moved) may have worked rather significantly. Some caveats in there, of course, but it’s the first really in-depth study of the topic.

– The House of Commons today voted 283-0 on an NDP motion to give Elections Canada more power to investigate stuff like this. The only problem with the motion is it’s non-binding on the government, meaning they had little to lose in voting for this (it would have looked bad if they did). This is the same […]

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