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You guys have a majority.. why hide behind a Private Members Bill?

That’s my only real question of this particular reversal/manoeuvre on Section 13 regarding hate speech and the Human Rights Tribunal. I’m not at all surprised they’re doing this, even if they didn’t campaign on it, nor am I surprised that they’ve reversed course on supporting it, now that they have a majority. My question is, if you really support this repeal, Minister Nicholson and Prime Minister Harper, why not put your official government stamp on it and make it a government-sponsored Cabinet bill?

You’ve had backbone to go and do that for your killing of the long-gun registry. I don’t see why you don’t do the same for this – […]


Conservatives want to pretend prorogation has no consequences vis-a-vis crime bills.

I see via Far & Wide that Justice Minister Rob Nicholson had the gall to come out and demand the opposition parties reinstate the Conservative crime bills. Those would be the same crime bills that Nicholson and his Conservative government were in daily hysterics last year demanding that the House and Senate quickly pass them in order to protect the country. Those would also be the same crime legislation that got killed due to Harper proroguing Parliament, showing that “urgency” to be a complete sham; trying to protect the government from potentially politically damaging/embarrassing information was more important.

Now, Minister Nicholson wants the opposition parties to pretend prorogation never happened. […]


A new threat to privacy rights in Canada on the internet?

Under a rather Orwellian sounding name for a proposed bill – The Investigative Powers for the 21st Century (IP21C) Act – the Conservative government has put forth proposed surveillance legislation for the internet that I am very uneasy about at first blush:

Internet service providers would have to make it possible for police and intelligence officers to intercept online communications and get personal information about subscribers under bills tabled Thursday…Nicholson said the government believes the proposed legislation strikes an “appropriate balance” between law enforcement’s investigative powers to protect public safety and the privacy and rights and freedoms of Canadians.

What makes me uneasy about this proposed legislation? The first and […]


Crime bill posturing by Nicholson and Conservatives

So according to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, he and the Conservatives would rather force another election then back down on their “law and order” bills if they are re-elected with a minority government, and the opposition parties object to it.

An interesting tactic by Nicholson.. is he saying this merely to appeal to Conservative core support, as the article suggests, or is he doing it to implicitly say to Canadians, “Give us a majority so that we can pass this, or else the meanie opposition parties might block it and then we’ll have to put you through another election fairly soon again”.

Mr. Nicholson arrogantly forgets that if he […]

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