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Please Premier Wynne… remove Rob Ford now..

..or give Toronto City Council the tools to do it themselves, before he embarrasses Toronto and Canada any further or hurts someone:

An unprecedented council meeting descended temporarily into chaos on Monday, when Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford got into a screaming match with spectators..Councillor Pam McConnell, who is barely five-feet tall, was knocked from her feet as Rob Ford charged through council chambers during the melee.”This is a seat of democracy, not a football field,” McConnell said. “I wasn’t ready for it.”

Your video/pic of Ford imagining he was out playing football, rather then being a Mayor of Canada’s largest city:



What’s needed to get rid of Mayor Ford; provincial or federal type voter turnout

Well, I don’t think I need to re-hash everything that’s gone on in Toronto; other then Mayor Rob Ford has had 2 press conferences in a single day where he’s come out and managed to combine a tearful ‘I smoked crack while in a drunken stupor’ admission into a tearful plea for forgiveness and a tearful re-election plea for Oct 2014, when the next Toronto election for mayor is. Of course, he also said he’s not stepping aside for medical leave, and definitely no resignation.

It appears short of new police revelations and the province taking extraordinary measures to remove him (not sure if that’s even possible without a conviction), […]


The 1 question to ask Rob (or Doug) Ford I’ve not heard yet

“Mr. Ford: Is this you in the still shot of the video you claim doesn’t exist – Yes or No?”

Is this you, Mayor Ford?

Has any reporter asked Mayor Ford this (or his fill-in for questions, brother Doug)?

It would seem to me if he’s denying that he smokes crack, or that the purported video showing him smoke crack doesn’t even exist, surely that Yes-No question should elicit a definitive reply from him or his brother.

UPDATE: Monday 5/27/13, 11:50 am: Well, a caller who got through on Sunday did ask about the photo, and the Mayor demurred on it, and Doug proclaimed it racist.



Not exactly the spotlight we want in Canada

Canada sure has been in the news a lot of late. Unfortunately, it’s about the wrong reasons. The Senate expenses scandal and the subsequent resignation of Nigel Wright made the NY Times billboard in Times Square. We subsequently then have a Peruvian reporter out of the blue asking Harper on his trip to Peru during his brief news conference why the Canadian people should trust him that he knew nothing about the affair (but we’ve learned how our Canadian media can get Harper to answer difficult questions he refuse to take at home: just get their friends in the international media to ask them).

We also have the Rob Ford […]


Ontario NDP gets ‘competing’ advice on Ontario Budget

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has a decision to make soon on whether or not to support the Ontario Liberal government’s budget;Â failure to support it (or at least an actual vote against versus an abstain) plunges the province back into an election campaign.

She’s been given competing advice on what to do: on the one hand, you’ve got Toronto Mayor Rob Ford urging his ideological foes to oppose the Budget and go back to an election campaign, because according to Ford, that’s what taxpayers want.

An opinion poll just released today, however, would show that unsurprisingly, Rob Ford is probably wrong about his claim:

About half of Ontarians want […]


Political tidbits

This is stupid. If you don’t like the Mayor of Toronto, you vote against him next municipal election (or his councillors that support him). You don’t utter death threats, or God forbid, act on it.

This is tragic. This is done by people (lower class and mostly youth) who have nothing to lose and nothing to hope for, and worse, don’t particularly fear the consequences. By all means, bring the rioters to justice, but the underlying social issues are going to need to be addressed at some point.

Could it happen here? Probably not, but I bet there are more people feeling bereft of hope over their social […]

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