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A request to whoever makes the poppies for Remembrance Day

I will always wear and donate money to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day – both in honour of all who served Canada in WW I/II etc, as well as specifically in honour of both of my (still alive) grandfathers, who both served in WW II.

That said.. I wish the makers of the poppies would do what is apparently done in Britain. They do not have a single needle in the back of the poppy that you try to stick into your shirt/coat etc as best as you can and hope it stays there (and it often doesn’t). They have apparently put a safety pin in the back of […]


Some more Remembrance Day stuff. Remembering George Swance.

This is something my family has saved for many many years, and I thought it would be appropriate to post it on Remembrance Day:

This was written by Private George Swance, Canadian Army. He died on April 10, 1917 during the battle of Vimy Ridge, at the age of 25. The bloodstained letter was found on his body when he was found on the battlefield in France. The Madeline in the letter is my great-grandmother to be, about 16 at this time. The Lurene is her 12 year old sister, and Valeria was the oldest. My great-grandfather was a close friend, which was who George addressed this letter to, […]



On this Remembrance Day, my thoughts turn to my 2 grandfathers (both still alive) who served in the army and air force respectively for Canada in World War 2. It’s not hard to remember this for me, as my 1 grandfather is now finally in the Veterans Hospital, and his Alzheimer’s has progressed so that most of his remaining memory comes from the the 1940’s when he was overseas.

Remember them all today at 11 am.


I remember

On this Remembrance Day, I will of course be remembering all the Canadians who have served and died for this country, but as the moment of silence comes and the Last Post played, I will also be thinking about my 2 grandfathers – both who served in World War 2 and both who are still alive.

I will be thinking “Thank You” to both of them.

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