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Municipal Councils opposed to Ranked Ballot on “too complicated” argument insult voters intelligence

The province of Ontario recently gave municipal and city councils the ability to reform their voting system. Thanks to Bill 181, municipalities now have the option of using ranked ballot for their local elections. Â It shouldn’t come as a total surprise that there has been resistance to change. A lot of status quo politicians out there don’t want to change a voting system (First Past The Post) Â that has benefitted them greatly.

The main arguments I’ve seen so far  they’re giving for not wanting to change that system though is a rather silly one: its too hard for our voters!

Brampton council voted 11-0 against the idea…Brampton […]


How to explain using “Ranked” Ballot to Nomination Meetings (or voters in general)

Yesterday, I was discussing in a Facebook Liberal thread Anita Vandenbeld’s win as the next candidate to represent the LPC in Ottawa-Nepean, and the fact that of 635 votes cast, there were 64 “spoiled ballots” – a rather high number (10%) for a nomination meeting, particularly with 3 high-profile candidates running in it.

The issue came up of whether the fact that the Ranked Ballot was being used here because of multiple candidates confused some people. I don’t know if that was the case or not (I’ve heard that most of the 10% were “exhausted” ballots – that is, people for the 3rd place finisher did not mark down or […]


A further note to Premier Wynne: Why the foot-dragging on Ranked Ballot for Toronto?

As an aside to this blogpost’s main point, this would also be a good time to ask Premier @Kathleen_Wynne (her twitter address, if you were wondering) to allow Toronto to use ranked ballot for electing mayors in elections, as was passed by council and which they they requested, and which has been sitting at Queen’s Park for 5 months now, and which according to Adam Radwanski of the Globe and Mail, has been deemed by the Premier’s Office or government officials not to be a “priority”.

I find this, quite honestly, astonishing. This crisis gives them as good a political cover as any to help pass it. (though I dont […]

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