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Was Guergis kicked out of the Conservative Party due to mere optics?

I read this last night from Aaron Wherry over at Macleans:

The private investigator says the Prime Minister’s Office did not accurately report to the ethics commissioner the information he passed on to them. He says he has no evidence as to the conduct of Ms. Guergis in his “possession or knowledge.” The concern, he says, was “optics”.

But, the PMO’s chief parrot defends the decision, citing the evidence that Jaffer was using Guergis’ office and email accounts for his personal business dealings. So, since Harper hasn’t said a word yet about the reasons why Guergis was deposed, would that be his official reason why, since Soudas, his director of […]



It appears that the Liberals declining to meet with this private investigator who is apparently the source of info for the Prime Minister and his officials that led them to make the decision turf Helena Guergis from the Cabinet and from the Conservative caucus was a wise move to make, when you read some of the details.

If the Liberals had decided to take the P.I’s call, and release his information publicly, you can be rest assured the Conservatives and Stephen Harper’s reflex and reactive action would have first been screaming “Liberal smear”, and accuse the LPC of politicizing the issue (and then of course engage in some attacks on […]


A brief observation on the Rahim Jaffer story.

I don’t want to overstate Twitter’s importance, but when #bustyhookers becomes the #1 Trending topic in Canada, I’m not really sure there are a lot of happy people in the Prime Minister’s Office or the Conservative Party in general over this Star story today on Jaffer. The PMO spokesperson Dimitri Soudras was on TV tonight, and looked rather unprepared.. even ill looking.. handling that topic.


Time to defeat the other half of the former ‘power couple’

This was an interesting story on Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer being described as a “would-be power couple unplugged”:

In 2001, an aide did an interview with a Vancouver radio show in Jaffer’s name. Jaffer first said he’d done the interview, and then confessed…On election night last year, he gave a victory speech, then had to concede defeat to the NDP candidate when the final results were in. When he announced he would seek the nomination again, his riding association told him not to bother.

Guergis, too, has shown less than impeccable judgment. She had a series of meetings in Mexico in 2008 as minister of state for foreign […]

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