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The Ranked Ballot Initiative passes its 1st hurdle in Toronto!!!

The first significant electoral reform in Canada since.. probably 1867 has passed its first (and major) hurdle in Toronto’s City Hall voting tonight. Via Dave Meslin’s Twitter feed and others, Toronto City Council voted 26-15 tonight in favor of requesting the province of Ontario permission to use ranked ballot voting in their civic elections. It is not expected that Ontario, will object to this request.

You can see the timeline RaBIT had proposed here. Whether this was followed or not in voting for it, we’ll find out with more details, but a major victory for voting reform has taken place.. and Dave Meslin and his RaBIT group are to be […]


Will Rob Ford’s troubles help the RaBIT vote?

There will be a vote coming up soon at City Hall on whether to formally recommend to Queen’s Park that Toronto would like a 2-phase timeline for bringing in Ranked Ballot, replacing the traditional first-past-the post : mayor for 2018, Council in 2022. (Of course, Council could amend to bring everything in at the same time or faster, but this has been RaBIT’s timeline proposal for bringing it in. because they felt it had a better chance of passing this way).

RaBIT believes it had the majority of votes on Council for this to pass, but I wonder with the recent Rob Ford “issues” whether or not that will make […]


Ranked Ballot Initiative in Toronto survives committee – on to full vote in June.

Its been awhile since I’ve posted, so I figured why not 2 on the same day (plus it gives me something else to do besides continue lamenting last night’s tragic Maple Leafs loss).

I just wanted to say I’m very pleased to read that the ranked ballot initiative proposed for Toronto Mayoralty elections – better known by the group name that supports it – RaBIT – survived a 3-3 committee vote to indefinitely table/defer it (which would have in essence killed it) and now goes on to the full Toronto City Council for a vote on whether to recommend to the province that Toronto wishes to change the Mayor’s election […]

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