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Celebrating 10 years of Progressive Bloggers today

Today is a pretty neat day – I’ll be in Toronto gathering with some of our blogging afffiliates past and present to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Progressive Bloggers – the original blogging aggregator of progressive blogs in Canada. It was started up in June 2005 by Wayne Chu, aided by Dan Arnold (of CalgaryGrit fame) with some advice from me and others on forming something to show the then very active blogosphere there were more then just the Blogging Tories online. (The blogosphere back then was seemingly dominated by conservative blogs – I’d like to think we helped counter that a tad).

Wayne stepped away from his admin […]


Another former blogger (David Graham) running for a Liberal nomination

It seems a fair number of bloggers, or former bloggers, are deciding to try going from their grass/netroots activism and translate that into trying to get elected to office to translate that activism into change at the political level.

This week, it is the turn of David Graham to announce he is running for the Liberal nomination in his home riding of Laurentides-Labelle. If you’re not familiar with David, he has been a long time blogger (incidentally, he is and has been a big supporter of expanded and improved rail service, if you go through his archive of blogposts. Very good reading).

He has been a Progressive Blogger and […]


Looking forward to covering the NDP Leadership Convention

The NDP is holding their leadership convention on March 23-24 in Toronto, and they put out the word a month or so back that they would be accrediting bloggers to cover their convention. After some consultations, instead of applying as representing my individual blog, I decided to apply to represent Progressive Bloggers as an organization, along with my 1 moderator James Calder (who blogs at the Progressive Right) and Chris Slothouber, our webmaster/coder.

We received the word just recently that Progressive Bloggers has been approved to attend and cover the Convention. That involves a fair bit of things: we are allowed access to the convention floor, the NDP’s “Blog […]


A break from blogging – now a meeting with bloggers

I’ve been on vacation for a week – hence the inactivity here, if you’re wondering why nothing new in a week. I’m still on vacation, but I’ll be meeting up with some of our Progressive Blogger membership (and some invited guests) this Saturday in Toronto for our annual Prog Blog get-together. It should be an interesting discussion on things in general, the new Progressive Blogger site, where we go from here with it, and just friendly chit-chat.


Progressive Bloggers back up

If you hadn’t seen it yet, Progressive Bloggers is back up and in a new format with some new features. We’ve managed to figure out what was causing the crashes before, and the corrections seemed to have stopped that, though the site can still grind a bit at loading when there is peak traffic.

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting it close to where we want it to be.


Progressive Bloggers – Version 2.

Part of the reason I’ve not been blogging as much is that I along with my volunteer coder Chris have been working hard on getting a new version new look version of Progressive Bloggers up and going. The site has been crying out for a re-design for several years. It was very hard to modify or to code stuff, and quite frankly, it was a major drain on the server it was sitting on.

We had thought Prog Blog 2 was finally launced yesterday AM .. but realized there was some unexpected glitches in reading pages (it’s based on a WordPress system), that had people scratching their heads. We […]


A Prog Blog vblog

At the recent Progressive Bloggers post-election meeting in Waterloo, Garry Wise (who when he isnt blogging is a lawyer) did a vblog (video-blog) with a few of the Progressive Bloggers who were in attendance there. This was a couple days prior to the US Presidential Election, so what they had to say about the US Election and Barack Obama and what was ahead for the US is very interesting a couple of days before Obama was elected.

Check out the vblog here at Garry’s blogsite.

PS – I should remind Garry he was an Obama sceptic 🙂


Ever read something where you think to yourself, “well said”?

I have two instances of that today for me. First, the much discussed speech of Stephane Dion’s at the Empire Club in Toronto yesterday which left many observers impressed. Best line of that speech, other then the “why I entered politics” part which caught a lot of people’s attention, is this one:

History shows us that in tough economic times, it is progressive governments that put economies back on track. Clinton after Reagan and Bush. Blair after Thatcher and Major. Chretien and Martin after Mulroney. And, of course, McGuinty after Harris.

The runner-up to that today is a conversation I actually caught at Facebook from bloggers Devin Johnston and Kelly John Rose:

Devin: Who benefits most from the Conservatives falling in the polls? The Liberals, NDP, or Bloc?

Kelly: Canadians.

Devin: Good Call.

I’ll add to that and repeat: Well said.


Scandalous photos of yours truly!

So I got called an “NDP-loving Liberal” at the now virtually scrapped “notaleader” site in the “Dionbook” from a cropped photo the Conservative War Room used from last year’s Progressive Blogger BBQ which had me sitting beside NDP MP Peggy Nash, who was invited to attend. What in the world will the Cons. War Room say when they get their hands on this photo!

This would be me standing beside independent Progressive Conservative Senator Elaine McCoy (of the blog Hullabaloos – the only Canadian Senator to have a blog, and yes, a member of Progressive Bloggers) and on the left is former Conservative blogger – now-turned Liberal Jim Calder of The Progressive Right. I guess that now makes me a Red Tory loving Liberal, or a hater of democracy since I invited a Senator to this event, or someone who has messy hair.. or something. Anyhow, I saved the Cons. War Room the trouble of cropping the photo this time if they want to initiate any more juvenile stunts (which is possible, since of course Ezra Levant is in the Cons War Room).

Here’s another picture from the 2008 Progressive Bloggers BBQ:

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