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Celebrating 10 years of Progressive Bloggers today

Today is a pretty neat day – I’ll be in Toronto gathering with some of our blogging afffiliates past and present to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Progressive Bloggers – the original blogging aggregator of progressive blogs in Canada. It was started up in June 2005 by Wayne Chu, aided by Dan Arnold (of CalgaryGrit fame) with some advice from me and others on forming something to show the then very active blogosphere there were more then just the Blogging Tories online. (The blogosphere back then was seemingly dominated by conservative blogs – I’d like to think we helped counter that a tad).

Wayne stepped away from his admin […]


A break from blogging – now a meeting with bloggers

I’ve been on vacation for a week – hence the inactivity here, if you’re wondering why nothing new in a week. I’m still on vacation, but I’ll be meeting up with some of our Progressive Blogger membership (and some invited guests) this Saturday in Toronto for our annual Prog Blog get-together. It should be an interesting discussion on things in general, the new Progressive Blogger site, where we go from here with it, and just friendly chit-chat.


Progressive Blogger get-together on Sat Sept 13.

I’m only posting this here because not everyone reads the announcements box at Prog Blog’s webpage and because not all affiliates are on Facebook to receive the invitation. After some lengthy discussion and feedback, we have set a date for the 3rd Annual Progressive Bloggers get-together/BBQ for Saturday September 13 starting at 2 pm in Unionville Ontario, at Vijay Sappani’s place, who kindly offered to host the event again this year. When it ends is an open question – I believe it was well into the night last year before everyone left. If the event is like last year, you’ll be well fed and well taken care of by Vijay, […]

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