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Conservative Pandering to the Alt-Right

A poll released earlier today says that about a quarter of those Canadians polled want a Donald Trump (attempted) type travel ban.

This is who a large segment of the current Conservative Party leadership crop is pandering to. It’s why they endorsed an Anti-Islamaphobia motion by Tom Mulcair last Fall without fanfare, but are resisting a similar motion by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid now. The fear of the “alt-right” (see white nationalist) has made them decide to oppose this notion now, when it was ok a few months ago. (and particularly bad when the Quebec City massacre just happened a month ago. I’d thought that would have helped them climb […]


Ontario voters not liking Hudak’s Voodoo Economics

First off, yes, this is a Forum poll, but like BigcityLib, I’ll take it as a starting point as to what people think of Tim Hudak’s 100 000 public sector job cuts/1 million jobs created dual promises. So far, they don’t like it at all, or they don’t believe Timmy can do what he claims:

Nearly two-thirds of Ontarians disapprove of Tim Hudak’s plan to cut 100,000 public servants to streamline government, a new poll suggests..The Forum Research survey also found‎ 63 per cent do not think the Progressive Conservative leader will be able to create his promised 1 million new jobs

Thas has translated to the polls as well […]


Love this line: ‘Liberals continue to pound Conservatives’

It’s poll night! This one from Leger looks at the party’s standing and leadership.. and this gives a hint as to why the Conservative Party, or the Prime Minister’s Office rather (actually, scratch that, they’re both acting as the same thing, which the PMO should not be doing, by the way, if tradition was being upheld) is desperate for this contrived scandal they’ve made to stick to Trudeau. I love the first line of the story in the Gazette, which I did in my title and will highlight for you once more, because I like reading it so much:

A new poll shows the federal Liberals continue to pound the […]


Plurality of Canadians want Senate “reformed”, not abolished.

At least, according to this Nanos poll:

The survey asked Canadians what they would like to see done with the Senate. Respondents were overwhelmingly against the status quo, with 49 per cent supporting reform of the Senate and 41 per cent preferring it be abolished. Just six per cent said leave it as is, while four per cent were unsure.

The random survey of 1,000 Canadians was conducted between June 8 and 11..Participants in the survey were randomly recruited by telephone and administered a survey online. The margin of error for a random survey of 1,000 Canadians is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

That […]


New poll shows the challenge for the new Liberal leader

The National Post released an Ipsos-Reid poll yesterday, and it shows that a lot of the anti-Harper vote has and continues to coalesce around the NDP:

According to the poll, which asked Canadians who they would vote for if an election occurred today, the NDP under Thomas Mulcair would receive 38% of the popular vote, up three points since last month. (That’s also well up from the 2011 election, when the NDP finished second with 31% of the vote.) The governing Tories would receive 35% of the vote, down two points since last month (and also down from the 40% they attained to win a majority government last year.) Support […]


Maybe the Conservatives picked the wrong party/leader to attack with ads

A new poll is out – released last night from Environics. According to their numbers, the NDP is tied with the Conservatives for popular support:

The survey by Environics Research Group provided to The Globe and Mail has the two parties at 30 per cent support among voters. That’s about the same percentage of the popular vote that the NDP earned in the May 2 general election. For the Conservatives, it represents a drop of 10 points.….The Liberals are in third place with 20-per-cent support, up one point from election day.

The reason for this drop in Conservative support? You might automatically think Robo-con, but the pollster lists a […]


‘The Jack effect’ scares the Conservatives

A new poll is out that shows the Conservatives and the NDP in a virtual tie – unsurprisingly linked to the recent death of Jack Layton:

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey pegs support for Layton’s NDP at 33 per cent — tied with the ruling Conservatives and well ahead of the Liberals at 21 per cent. That’s almost a three-point gain for the New Democrats since the May 2 election, which vaulted the party into official Opposition status for the first time in its 50-year history. The Tories are down almost seven points while the Liberals are up two. Harris-Decima chairman Allan Gregg said the NDP gain is most likely […]


Who should replace Mike Duffy? I endorse Kady O’Malley

… and that’s who I voted for, but there are plenty of other choices in this online poll, so go ahead and vote!

Who Should be the Next Host of “On The Hill” AKA – Who is the next Senator in waiting? Rosemary Thompson Bob Clark Graham Richardson Bob Fife Jane Taber David Akin Charles Adler Steve Paiken Kady O’Malley Ben Mulroney Jason Cherniak Jean Lapierre Joe the Plumber Monte Solberg See Results […]

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