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Stephen Harper has a perverse sense of humour

This is quite a good joke Harper has played. Not only has Pierre Poliviere indeed been named to be a new minister in today’s big cabinet shuffle, Pierre Poilievre has been named Minister of state for democratic reform. One of my Liberal colleagues who is a staffer on the Hill was joking a day or 2 ago that perhaps this is where P.P would end up.. and lo and behold, Harper has decided to do so (leaving my Liberal colleague aghast that his facetious guess turned out to be true).

Yes, you’ve heard right: P.P. is now in charge of any changes to Canada’s Elections Act, and as Susan Delacourt […]


Parliament is about to become even more of a circus…

..if what Stephen Taylor has heard is true that Pierre Poliviere is going to become a Cabinet Minister.

The bad news is that with this promotion, Pierre is basically going to dig Parliament and Question Period down into the muck further, given his propensity for answering with non-answers and cheap shots at opponents.

The good news is: for us that are progressive bloggers, Pierre is going to give me and others of our political persuasion lots of material to write about, and as a Liberal partisan, I don’t mind at all if Poliviere got a cabinet post. More of the inevitable public exposure to his particular view of the world […]


Worse spokesperson ever? Au contraire! WE WANT PIERRE!

Darren seems to think “Pipsqueak” Pierre Poilievre is the worse spokesperson the Cons. could choose to defend the “in-and-out” scandal enveloping them.

I think quite the opposite, or at least look at it from a different angle. He’s the best spokesperson us non-Cons could have thrown out there to try and spout off Cons talking points on the in-and-out issue.

I for one hope the PMO keeps sending him out there, because he certainly won’t be the one to put this fire out and/or convince people there’s some grand conspiracy between Elections Canada, the Liberals, the CBC, the Russians, the Mafia, the Martians, or whoever else they decide to blame […]

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