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Hijinks at the Ontario Young Liberal Annual General Meeting?

Well, I thought I’d mention this since I did do a bit of blogging about the OYL elections at their AGM last year, and did report on some of the rancor involved with 2 different slates of candidates running. I thought with a unified slate this time going in that this would have erased that this year, but apparently not. We have several blogposts in the past couple of days detailing innuendo and rumours flying around of attempted vote stacking and delegate voter fraud and other nastiness.

Until we get actual proof and actual confirmation of said details and whether anything like this went on (and no, I don’t count […]


The OYL Election: Some endorsements for the OYL Roots, and some more shenanigans.

This weekend, the Hamilton Annual General Meeting finally arrives for the Liberals, as does the elections for the various Ontario Young Liberals positions within that group. There have been some interesting events going on since I last talked about that topic.

First the good stuff: There’s been some very nice endorsements for the candidates running under the OYL Roots slate, as well as the OYL Roots slate in general. These include individual endorsements from such luminaries as Bob Rae, George Smitherman, and a wide variety of MP’s, MPP’s and various young Liberals both within and living outside Ontario (as an aside, I kind of wish this was put at the […]


Liberal Random Thoughts: Apologies to Iggy, and more OYL Shenanigans

– I wanted to say I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see that Michael Ignatieff is one of the “hawks” inside the Liberal caucus who were urging the caucus to bring the government down. I had thought after the Afghanistan issue and his role in helping to craft a compromise on that position to the Cons. that he must be one of the doves, so my public apology to Mr. Ignatieff for thinking that, and kudos for being one of those inside that caucus who has a spine. It doesn’t say much for the rest of the caucus or “election readiness team” (which appears to be an oxymoron) if […]

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