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Hijinks at the Ontario Young Liberal Annual General Meeting?

Well, I thought I’d mention this since I did do a bit of blogging about the OYL elections at their AGM last year, and did report on some of the rancor involved with 2 different slates of candidates running. I thought with a unified slate this time going in that this would have erased that this year, but apparently not. We have several blogposts in the past couple of days detailing innuendo and rumours flying around of attempted vote stacking and delegate voter fraud and other nastiness.

Until we get actual proof and actual confirmation of said details and whether anything like this went on (and no, I don’t count […]


OYL Roots calls for gender parity in the OYL, and achieves it in their own candidate slate.

I thought that today I’d highlight the “newsflash” that I saw over at the OYL Roots website – the slate that is running in the OYL elections in March. Their platform basically calls for greater autonomy and more of a say for the OYL in the Liberal Party. In their newsflash, they announced that their team had reached gender parity amongst their candidate slate, with equal numbers of male and female candidates running for them. They further state that if the whole slate were to be elected, they would become the only gender equal youth executive in the country, which would be both impressive and also show there’s a lot […]


OYL Roots platform released – doesnt look “negative” to me.

Warning: Internal Liberal Party discussion to follow. If that bores you, there are plenty of excellent blogs elsewhere to read.

One of the criticisms I’ve been hearing about the OYL Roots slate that is running in the March elections for various positions in the Ontario Young Liberals is that they’re “negative”. I’ll point you to the OYL Roots website, and specifically 3 items of interest, and you tell me whether anything in there is “negative” or not.

First up, we have the announcement that the OYL Roots slate has reached gender parity with the nomination of their final candidate. IF this slate was elected in whole, it would be the […]

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