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Ontario Young Liberals: Time to work together and listen to one another.

The Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Young Liberals took place this weekend in Hamilton in the midst of one of the bigger snowstorms in recent memory – but I understand most if not all delegates got there – a credit to their commitment to politics and this meeting. As some of you who read here know, elections were also taking place to fill different OYL positions, and the elections have been contested by 2 different slates – OYL Beyond and OYL Roots. The former preached that the status quo was just fine, while the latter (who I supported) believed change was needed in how the OYL was run. It’s […]


The OYL Election: Some endorsements for the OYL Roots, and some more shenanigans.

This weekend, the Hamilton Annual General Meeting finally arrives for the Liberals, as does the elections for the various Ontario Young Liberals positions within that group. There have been some interesting events going on since I last talked about that topic.

First the good stuff: There’s been some very nice endorsements for the candidates running under the OYL Roots slate, as well as the OYL Roots slate in general. These include individual endorsements from such luminaries as Bob Rae, George Smitherman, and a wide variety of MP’s, MPP’s and various young Liberals both within and living outside Ontario (as an aside, I kind of wish this was put at the […]


Liberal Random Thoughts: Apologies to Iggy, and more OYL Shenanigans

– I wanted to say I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see that Michael Ignatieff is one of the “hawks” inside the Liberal caucus who were urging the caucus to bring the government down. I had thought after the Afghanistan issue and his role in helping to craft a compromise on that position to the Cons. that he must be one of the doves, so my public apology to Mr. Ignatieff for thinking that, and kudos for being one of those inside that caucus who has a spine. It doesn’t say much for the rest of the caucus or “election readiness team” (which appears to be an oxymoron) if […]


Warning: More internal Liberal stuff – OYL Beyond forms.

As you know, I endorsed the OYL Roots slate in a blogpost a few days ago when discussing the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Hamilton and the scheduled elections for the Ontario Young Liberals. I find it only fair to mention that the rival slate has formed their own group, and it’s called OYL Beyond. They also have a Facebook group you can check out.

I said before I was endorsing the OYL Roots group because I liked their statement about taking the OYL back to a time where it had more autonomy and it was aggressive in pushing forth policy endorsements that the main Liberal Party may not […]


An endorsement of the OYL Roots movement.

Despite my “conversion” to a Liberal in December 2006, and taking out a Liberal Party membership, I really still haven’t gotten involved in the internal goings-on of the party. I know a lot of the people involved in the workings of the party, but I still feel like an observer looking in, rather then being involved in the internal politics of the Liberal Party (which to be honest is probably a good thing). I don’t often talk about aforementioned internal Liberal Party goings-on, because the people who find it interesting is probably a small number, and it hasn’t interested me, to put it bluntly, and there are other Liberal blogs […]

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