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The Star decides to attack MMP again.

Quite remarkably, the Toronto Star has decided to attack MMP a 2nd time within a week in their editorial section and again recommend it be rejected. This time in their editorial, they decided to stay away from charging there would be “appointed MPP’s”, a feature of their column last week, but they repeated the “unstable government” theme, as well as the fear of radical fringe parties holding the legislature hostage.

I’m not going to get into attacking their charges; they’ve used the same stuff before which has been easily refuted – what I find of interest is that they are so concerned about MMP that despite some polls showing it […]


More academic support for MMP

Another Canadian electoral reform expert – Professor Dennis Pilon from the University of Victoria – urges Ontarions to vote for MMP in the referendum:

The proportional representation system that Ontarians have an opportunity to approve during the Oct. 10 referendum is simple, modest, and addresses many of the major problems with contemporary Ontario democracy that have long been identified by academics and political commentators from right to left. Imagine more accurate election tallies, a more competitive political environment where every vote would count for something, and better representation of Ontario’s diversity. These are not hypothetical possibilities, but the actual experience of countries similar to Canada that have proportional representation, as […]


Student, minority groups come out in support of MMP

Some of our anti-MMP folk are chortling because all of the major Toronto newspapers have rejected MMP in their editorials. I’m not particularly surprised that mainstream establishment papers would do so – but what is more important to me is that several grassroots groups have officially endorsed it.

Amongst our minority groups/ethnic communities, MMP was given a strong endorsement by several groups, including the South Asian community, Chinese-Canadian groups, and the Canadian Tamil Congress.

Student groups across the province are also recognizing MMP as a system they can get behind. 16 student unions across Ontario have endorsed MMP, as has the Canadian Federation Of Students Ontario branch, believing that with […]


Garth Turner declares himself for MMP – the Globe gets perfectionist

This kind of came out of nowhere to some of us who support MMP, but I think we’re all delighted to see that Garth has come out yesterday with a long detailed column at his blog declaring himself in favour of MMP passing on October 10th:

A proportional representation system empowers voters. It gives them more choice. It ensures the majority opinion is reflected in government. It is fairer. It allows smaller parties a role. It encourages compromise. It lets parties increase the role of women and minorities as list candidates. It permits citizens to decide on the best local candidate, and also the best party to govern. One voter. […]


Ontario Liberals commit to democratically selecting their list MMP candidates

The folk at Liberals For MMP received an email from the Ontario Liberal Campaign that states that the party will select its list MPP candidates through “a democratic and transparent process” if MMP passes on October 10th.

With this announcement, all four major Ontario parties – including the PC’s – have now committed to selection of List MPP candidates through democratic means. This has now completely kneecapped and destroyed the argument that “party hacks will be appointed by party leaders” that the NO MMP side and the Toronto Star editorial board has been trying to use to fear-monger about MMP.

It’s time to get the word out to the people […]


It’s a start.

A H/T to Jim Calder of the Progressive Right for finding this story; John Tory on the picking of list candidates in the National Post:

The Conservative leader went on to say that if the referendum passes, his party will likely find a democratic way to develop its list of candidates. “The history of our party is that the party insists on choosing its candidates democratically. Even the notion that the leader would appoint candidates is something that has been not well received when it’s come up.”

Its not an iron-clad commitment to pick democratically, but I applaud Mr. Tory for saying this much; its much better then what […]


Vote For MMP takes John Tory to task.

Not too long ago, I criticized John Tory for having the audacity to complain that MMP would mean that List Candidates would be “appointed” by party leaders, and these MPP’s would then only answer to the party. I pointed out that Tory was in a position as PC party leader to help prevent his own fear from happening by publicly declaring that the PC party would make sure to democratically select their List candidates. I challenged him (as did others in the Vote For MMP campaign) to show some of that vaunted “leadership” on this issue (which he keeps trying to tell people he has) and do a declaration to […]

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