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Congrats to Nancy Leblanc, your OLP candidate for Parkdale-High Park

My long time blogging colleague will apparently be acclaimed in that riding on May 7th for the OLP, and like BigCityLib, I am very pleased to see and hear this.

I’ll repeat what I said elsewhere: despite the fact we sometimes disagree on things, we are friends, and I wish her nothing but the best of luck

Her campaign website can be found here


Disappointing environmental decision from the Ontario Government – again.

I’ve not been an Ontario Liberal Party member in over a year – one of the main reasons I let it lapse are listed here, where I expressed a lot of frustration that Dalton Mcguinty was in essence “pulling a Harper” and using an omnibus bill which contained weakened environmental laws.

I had hoped with the advent of Premier Wynne, things might get a bit more progressive on that front, but she and her government has again failed to (in my opinion) protect the environment, and is in fact carrying on with what was my original beef a year ago:

The new rules made by cabinet give resource industries numerous […]


Provincial Ontario Liberals very disappointing on the environment.

This post might annoy a few people I know at Queen’s Park, but I’m a tad annoyed with the Mcguinty government, so it will even out.

Mcguinty’s Liberals are pulling the same Omnibus stunt (Bill C-55 I believe it’s called) that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were getting roundly criticized for over Bill C-38. Specifically, what I am extremely disappointed in the provincial Liberals over is them doing the same weakening of environmental laws that the Harper government is doing:

Ontario’s budget bill aims to weaken environmental regulations that might interfere with resource activities such as mining and forestry.It would amend the Crown Forest Sustainability Act to let cabinet exempt timber companies […]


Hello Ontarions – have you seen Fred yet?

Who is Fred, you might ask? Well, check this link out here.

To be honest, without giving too much away, I haven’t had a lot of time to find out more about Fred. I’ll do that on the weekend when I have some reading time. Seeing the video at the opening page will help explain a bit about Fred, however.


More dismal Ontario Liberal stuff, & best of luck to the new G-G

First thing to catch my eye is more stuff to do with Ontario’s premier and the Ontario Liberals.

If it appears I’m dumping on Dalton Mcguinty and his party these past two weeks, he and they have made it rather easy for me to do so. Here are a couple more examples of silliness on his government’s part (or perhaps his communications office’s part) that’s going to bring him grief.

The first example is how he and the Ontario government (mis)handled the “eco-Fee” described in the Toronto Star’s editorial this morning. I’ve no objection with it in principle; in fact, I think the idea itself is defensible – even laudable, […]

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