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Latest poll says John Tory and The PC’s are toast.

As unbelievable as it might seem, John Tory and his Progressive Conservative party may end up having LESS seats then what they had to start the Ontario provincial campaign if this latest poll from Strategic Council is accurate:

Liberals: 42 per cent Progressive Conservatives: 27 per cent NDP: 19 per cent Green Party: 11 per cent

Look at how the faith-based funding issue has completely neutralized John Tory’s attacks on broken promises:

When respondents were asked which of the two issues they were most concerned with, 39 per cent said McGuinty’s broken campaign promises, while 49 per cent said Tory’s pledge to fund private religious schools.

If the poll […]


Green Party of Ontario close to electing their first MPP?

You’re probably thinking I’m referring to John Oglivie, who was endorsed by the Ottawa Citizen to represent Carleton-Mississippi-Mills and to defeat PC incumbent Norm Sterling. While that was news in of itself, the excitement around Green Party HQ is that their candidate in Bruce-Grey Owen Sound, Shane Jolley, has an excellent shot to unseat Bill Murdoch. You might remember Mr. Murdoch was the first PC MPP to come out publicly to dissent against Tory’s plan of faith-based school funding, and if these poll results that are being listed at the Greens page is accurate, you can see why – Jim Harris fills us in:

The poll by Oraclepoll shows:

Bill […]


This and that.

– Will John Tory’s flip-flop on allowing a free vote of the faith-based school funding issue “change the channel” as he and his strategists claim? He’d better hope so, and quickly, because SES has a poll out mirroring the 10 point Liberal lead that Ipsos’ weekend poll had. The NDP probably isn’t very happy today either. The poll seems to indicate the Liberals picked up support from them, and in particular, the female vote went from the NDP to the Liberals.

– Jim over at the Progressive Right has a great example of how MMP would be a benefit to a voter like Joanne’s situation (ironically a FPTP supporter, which […]


“Leadership (and bad polls) matters”

Governments forcing to back down from promises made during an election campaign are pretty common-place, but this is the first time I’ve seen a political party make and then back down from a promise before the election campaign is even over.

This is called “restarting his election campaign”. That’s something else you don’t hear of too much – particularly 10 days before an election. Then again, with a poll showing Tory 15% behind Kathleen Wynne in his own riding, and the Ipsos poll over the weekend showing a 10 point Liberal lead in the province which probably translates to a majority government, perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures.


Share encourages young people to be involved in the electoral process.

Let’s face it, one of the problems we have in this country and in this province is that a lot of young people simply do not feel engaged enough to participate in the electoral system. I believe the figure I’ve seen is that only 20% of “young voters” bother to vote. With that in mind, a few of the Ontario Young Liberals have decided to create a website to appeal to that segment of the population and encourage them to be active in the political process, regardless of who they might vote for.

The site is called, and I must say I’m very impressed with how tech-savvy it is. […]


Ontario TV debate did nothing to move poll #’s.

That’s not good news if you’re John Tory with less then 2 weeks to go during the campaign. The Liberals actually marginally increased their lead to 8 points over the PC’s. I did find the statement from the Ottawa Sun kind of interesting where they asserted these numbers indicate that McGuinty and the Liberals will be in a minority government situation. Greg Morrow hasn’t updated his election predictions yet, but this is what his predictor currently reads as of Sept 19th:

<br />

As you can see, a bare majority government for the Liberals. If on the other hand you go to Hill & Knowlton’s site and key in […]


John Tory running into critics from his own party.

And you think Dion has problems with supposed grumblings behind his back? Check out John Tory’s, who has party members openly questioning him on the hustings:

Bill Murdoch, the member for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, became the first Tory MPP to say he could not support the controversial promise… “I didn’t realize how sensitive and divisive the issue would be when it was first introduced,” Murdoch said today.. “Should this come before the legislature, as it stands today, with the majority of my riding opposed, I will vote against it.”

And of course, Tory didn’t help matters by openly dismissing Murdoch as a live wire:

“When you look up maverick in the […]

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