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Please vote today in Ontario

All the polls are done (we think – last minute ones seem to keep trickling out). So are all the debates. It’s voting day in Ontario.

Last election the turnout was 52%. Very pathetic. I encourage you, no matter who you support, to exercise your democratic right to vote – a right lots of people are dying for in other countries as we speak.


Another neck and neck poll in Ontario

More unsettling polling news for the Ontario PC’s and their leader Tim Hudak:

With less than eight weeks to go before Ontarians head to the polls, the race between the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals has tightened, with the Tories five points ahead among decided voters, a new poll suggests. The Nanos Research poll — conducted between August 10 and August 13 for CTV, The Globe and Mail and CP24 — found the Liberals are on an upswing, closing the gap slightly with the Tories. According to the poll, support sits at 42.1 per cent for the Progressive Conservatives, 37.6 per cent for the Liberals, 16.2 per cent for the […]


Counting your results before the people vote

Very interesting:

In a flash sample poll conducted last weekend on 400 decided voters, Ipsos Reid found that the gap between Hudak and McGuinty continues to narrow. Of those polled, 38% say they would vote for Hudak and the Conservatives if an election were held tomorrow, while 36% would stick with McGuinty and the Liberals.

I’m not sure if it was one of the NP’s columnists who declared Dalton Mcguinty “done” – a couple of months ago – or if it was one of the Sun’s columnists, but this poll shows why it was stupid to declare anyone “done” when an election was still months away.


We’ve seen this movie before..

A day or so ago, Harper came out at the Mayor of Toronto’s private picnic calling for a defeat of the Ontario Liberal government, which was published on Youtube. Some folks are a bit perturbed at Harper’s intervention into provincial politics, but it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. He issued the same call 4 years ago in a more public show of support for then PC leader John Tory, so his partisanship isn’t exactly (or shouldn’t be) surprising. I’d have been shocked if he hadn’t, quite frankly.

I’m more surprised the Youtube video was quickly taken down (still is down the last I had looked earlier this AM). […]


Weekend thoughts

The Liberal delegates have (unfortunately in my view) voted to extend the wait back to 2013 before choosing a new Liberal leader. I’ve already gone over my objection to that, but it seems from what I was hearing that the LPC brought out the party leaders heavy artillery and urged acceptance of their motion, rather then accept either the 6 month requirement or a middle of the road option as my friend Jeff was putting forward. The LPC brass got their way, it seems. I’d have thought since 2006 that some of our party would learn that the Party bosses and leaders don’t always know best. PERHAPS they will get […]


Watching the Ontario election campaign

Yes, that has already started. You know an election campaign has started when political ads attacking other parties or promoting your own come along on the television. In the federal Conservative Party’s case, they were in seemingly permanent campaign mode for years while they had a minority. Here in Ontario though, we have a fixed date election – one that the government actually sticks to. The opening salvo of that appears to have been during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals back on Wednesday, when Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives let loose an ad on the unsuspecting populace.

It will be interesting to see when the Ontario Liberals decide […]

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