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Liberals release proposals to make prorogation harder to do, but is it enough?

The hinted at reforms to curtailing the prorogation power of the Prime Minister was released by the Liberal Party and Michael Ignatieff at Ottawa today. Here’s an excerpt of the news-release with the proposals they’ve put forth:

To prevent future abuses of prorogation, the Liberal Party of Canada will seek to amend the Standing Orders of the House of Commons to:

• Require at least 10 days written notice from the Prime Minister of his intention to seek to prorogue, together with his specific reasons for doing so;

• Require the Prime Minister to bring the issue of prorogation before the House of Commons for a full debate;

• Prevent […]


CAPP gets a bit of a membership boost

Just a brief Sunday observation: I see the CAPP facebook group has gotten a bit of a membership boost today; up to 214 295 members as of now – a boost of 3000 from yesterday morning when I last looked at it. Not surprising, given the good publicity and generally favourable media coverage the group has gotten with the # of protests and the amount of protesters willing to come out to make their voices heard.

The next phase of what to do now to keep that momentum going/keep pressure on the Harper government/get the opposition parties to introduce democratic reforms is taking place here at the “CAPP: A Second […]


My call: the anti-prorogue rallies are a success..

..from an attendance standpoint, if that’s your litmus test (and as I said last blogpost, it isn’t necessarily for me and others) and the total numbers from every protest centre haven’t trickled in yet.

However, from what we’ve seen from some reporter and organizer accounts on Twitter and Facebook, we’re getting reports/estimates from between 7000 – 15 000 at Toronto’s rally, an estimate by the RCMP of 3500 at Parliament Hill, 1000 or so in Montreal, and several hundred to 1000 elsewhere from Waterloo, London, Guelph, Kitchener, etc. The best report I’ve seen so far; Simcoe County’s Conservative MP reportedly predicted they’d only get 10 CAPP protesters at Orillia, […]


Helena Guergis says everyone in her riding thinks prorogation is hunky-dorey

A rather amusing interview from Conservative MP Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis today on the reasons for prorogation and how her constituents apparently love it:

Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis says the federal government’s latest prorogation was vital to give it a chance to “take a step back” to make sure it is on the “right track.” Guergis, who is also the Minister of State for the Status of Women, enthusiastically endorsed the closure of parliament until late winter during an interview Tuesday. She also dismissed the thousands of people who have joined Facebook groups opposing the move by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “I am familiar with that, but that’s certainly not […]


No prorogue protests via text message

This is another innovative way to register your protest to Harper’s unnecessary proroguing of Parliament; by text message:

…we’ve launched a real-time text-messaging system that will also work across Canada for all of the CAPP rallies. The idea is to have rally participants (and even those at home) take out their cellphones and text their thoughts about prorogation to 347-614-2765. The software I’ve written will immediately publish the incoming text-messages to Twitter (@noproroguewall) and will also reply to them with a website URL so they can “keep in touch” after they get home.

Go ahead and try it now – send any text message to 347-614-2765. You’ll get a response […]


A plug/announcement for the January 23 No Prorogue! Rally in Toronto

One of the organizers of this event asked me if I’d consider posting this announcement, and I’m happy to oblige, since I have a fair # of Toronto and area readers. (Remember, check No Prorogue’s website for Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament closest rallies nearest to you if you want to attend one): ———-

NO to prorogation! YES to democracy!

Canadians against Proroguing Parliament (Toronto) has organized a rally and march for Saturday, January 23 at 1:00pm at Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. And we urgently need your help to promote it. Here’s how you can help spread the word:

Download promotional materials. Everything is available online – posters, leaflets, stickers, […]


Revised media reaction to prorogation.

It’s kind of amusing to watch the second guessers in the media take aim at their comrades for being wrong on the public’s negative reaction to Harper proroguing Parliament.

We start with Richard Gwyn of the Toronto Star taking aim at those pundits in general, and Andrew Coyne in particular (who said that Parliament didn’t matter) to people with a piece titled, Actually, Parliament Does Matter. (To be fair to Andrew, he did say in a follow-up blogpost that he might have been wrong about his feeling people were indifferent to shutting down Parliament).

Next up comes Rick Salutin of the Globe & Mail, who doesn’t merely go after other […]


Seen in Ottawa on a street..


If you’re a member of a different CAPP city chapter, but want to use their template, The article over at No Prorogue has them.

UPDATE @ 4:57 pm: Photos taken by Mark Blevis, as mentioned over at the No Prorogue site.


I get letters: Interesting idea that probably won’t happen edition…

..but still interesting nonetheless. A reader of the Progressive Bloggers site writes an email to me about the proroguing of Parliament and comes up with this idea/concept:

…what I really want to see is a grass roots swell of support for strong principled independent representatives running in the next election. Party politics needs a good overhaul and the only way it will happen is to give parliament a healthy dose of citizen presence in the House. How about flying that idea about and seeing if a list of people could be generated who have the profile and experience that would make them a viable candidate.

Here are some I have […]


The rebuttal to Conservatives who protest that proroguing of Parliament is ‘routine’

I posted this yesterday as one of the contributors at the No Prorogue website in its blog section as an opinion piece; I reproduce it for everyone who reads my blog here .


The best rebuttal I’ve seen to that attempted argument comes from Michael Den Tandt, in his op-ed in the Owen Sound Sun Times decrying Harper’s 2nd prorogue in 2 years:

…there’s another issue, overriding all the others: That is, very simply, cowardice. Prime Minister Harper prorogued Parliament last winter to get himself out of a serious political jam of his own making. Now he’s done the same thing again, and for the same reason. It’s actually […]

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