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Things that bug me about the Stanley Cup

One thing that really annoys me is banks making commercials trying to gain favour by going all nationalistic and pulling out the “Canada hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 18 years!”. A newsflash to them and to a lot of fans saying the same thing: this isn’t the Olympics. This is 2 teams representing their cities, not their countries. There are as many Canadians on Boston’s team as Vancouver’s. Last year’s Stanley Cup champions, the Chicago Black Hawks, had the most Canadians of any team in the playoffs. Why weren’t they “Canada’s team?”

Let’s save the fervour of cheering for your country at actual Canada vs USA games at international […]


Make it 7! (Canadian NHL teams)

Since I don’t have anything particularly compelling to post on politics today (so far), I thought I might as well state I support Jim Balsillie’s efforts to relocate the bankrupt Phoenix Coyote’s NHL team to somewhere in Southern Ontario, where fans will actually support the team. (Unfortunately, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman seems to have a problem with grasping that concept if it involves crossing the 49th parallel – or the equivalent Canada/US border crossing).

Here’s the simple but effective website promoting that effort to bring back the team originally based in Winnipeg – if not back there, at least back to its home and native land.

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