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Some more thoughts on Mulcair and the Convention in general

After a day and a night of digesting what I saw at the NDP Convention, some thoughts on what I saw and heard:

– I’ve heard some say that Mulcair will charged as being an “opportunist” because he’s been associated with or had flirtations with other parties. As Susan Delacourt points out, he isn’t the only current party leader that’s done that – Harper in particular has done a fair bit of moving around. As well, I don’t know that anyone had a crystal ball back when he won that said working as an MP in Quebec (or trying to get elected) would be considered an “opportunistic move” – maybe […]


Congratulations to Thomas Mulcair

I’ll have more to say later this weekend.. but I have only 1 plea/request to Mulclair’s handlers/advisers:

When the next election’s leader debates happen, please please please don’t let him try to debate by having reading notes with him (even as a Liberal, it would be painful to watch).

Otherwise, congratulations to the newest Leader of The Official Opposition.

Thank you and good night.

PS – I’m told he did much better with CBC in a one on one format.


Live At The NDP Convention

Jim Calder and I are hanging out here at the BLoggers War Room, observing the festivities and the voting here. It’s been an interesting experience – I can see both the advantages of online voting and one member one vote(and preferential balloting going along with it) – and the disadvantages. The advantages being that more members are voting democratically for their party – the disadvantages being that a lot of votes already being in… there’s not as much Convention drama (ie with declarations of candidates or MP’s going to support another candidate – with only 4600 “voters” here, that effect is neutralized. The main drama is figuring out how all […]

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