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Help Save The Monarch Butterfly: Plant Some Milkweed

A slightly different post today on the weekend. I’ve always loved Monarch Butterflies. When I was a kid, we picked milkweed with monarch caterpillars on them, put them into an old fish tank aquarium, kept supplying them with fresh milkweed and then made sure we hung sticks or metal rods across the top so they had somewhere to climb to form their chrysalis.. and eventually hatch.

Nowadays though, Monarchs are increasingly threatened, partially due to deforestation in Mexico in their wintering grounds, partially due to bad weather, and maybe a lot to do with the face that Milkweed, specifically Common Milkweed, the prime source of food for the Monarchs, […]


How to kill rats naturally.

And now for something completely different. I saw this in a thread over at Bread n’ Roses by Anne Cameron on how to exterminate rats without introducing harmful poison to the environment:

The best use for instant mashed spuds I ever found was RODENTS…I didn’t like to use rat poison because on a farm there are so many other critters could find and eat it but when the rats moved from the chicken shed to the basement…you put down an open container of instant mashed spuds (I used Carnation) and they love the stuff. It has lots of salt in it. They eat and eat and eat and then they […]

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