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The CAPP group’s amount of supporters now greater then the National Post’s circulation.

The numbers are give or take of course, but the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group now as of this writing is at 171 084 supporters. The National Post’s national circulation is estimated to be at around 170 000 – the same National Post whose editorial page and op-ed writers scorned the group as being any indication of a grassroots movement a week and a bit ago. (A better indicator of things is that Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory headman, and anti-coalition Facebook organizer from 2008 – has recently gone on the offensive in the NP’s full comment page against the Liberals stance and past usage of prorogation. That’s an indicator […]


About the National Post’s difficulty.

I’m not sure I really want to see the National Post go under, as at the very least, it keeps all the right-wing riff-raff in one place, where they can be kept an eye on. If they go under, I don’t think Sun Media has enough room for them all, and they might end up infecting other media centres with their silly views.

Then again, if Warren were to succeed in his dastardly plan to buy them and cut everyone loose (though I think they’re going to have to up the offer substantially from Warren’s initial bid), that’s also going to happen. You’d get a more moderate, reasonable paper that […]

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