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The Conservatives have learned their lessons well..

…from their Republican mentors. The Bush White House has perfected the art of doing this: when bad news strikes, they try to do what is called a Friday news dump to ensure there’s as little press or Democratic spokespersons around to either report it or criticize it, or to ask them potentially embarrassing questions. It appears our Conservative government is copying their American Idols to the letter:

The Conservative government has quietly scuttled the navy’s $2.9-billion project to replace its aging supply ships, saying bids from the shipbuilding industry were “significantly” higher than the money set aside for the program. It has also cancelled a tender call for the purchase […]


Conservative priorities.

The mindset of some Conservatives is very amusing:

“Some Conservatives have also complained the funding the government has directed for new defence equipment has not translated into additional support for the party at the polls.”

Yea, what’s the sense of spending money on the military if it doesn’t convey political advantage for the government? I would have thought you spend money on the military to actually, you know, make sure they can do the job they’re assigned to do – not to try and use it for political propaganda – but this Con bunch is working out of the Republican playbook, and obsessed with getting a majority government. That’s what […]


The Cons are hypocrites about “supporting the troops”

It appears our Conservative government has taken to heart another bit of strategy from its Republican mentors down south – demonize any criticism and critics of a war mission by questioning their patriotism and their loyalty towards the troops, but then do actions that show you’re doing nothing more then using the troops for your own partisan and political purposes:

The federal government is about to stop its practice of giving extra money to Canadian soldiers posted to some of the country’s most expensive cities. Since June 2000, almost half of Canada’s soldiers have been receiving a bump in their monthly salary – dubbed the post living differential – for […]


Another Cons. talking point debunked.

This story was on Page 1 of that well known Liberal-supporting rag, the London Free Press, which talks about how the claims by the Con. that they are the “party that supports the military” isn’t being borne out when it comes to the financial reality:

The initial plan was to boost the size of the Canadian Forces to 75,000 regular members and 35,000 reservists. The increase was to happen in two stages, with the first target of 70,000 active and 30,000 part-time members during five years and the remainder to follow at some undetermined point. But the report says the government has not allotted enough money to meet even the […]

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