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A prediction wrapped in a question

Is it too early/too bold to predict that because of today’s RCMP revelations/allegations that multiple members of the Prime Minister’s Office and top Conservative Senators conspired to whitewash the Mike Duffy report, it may have assured the Liberal Party wins the Brandon-Souris byelection on Monday – a riding it has only won once in the last 60 years?

Maybe. As has been pointed out by others who are veteran campaign folks, the Conservatives will have a large advantage on organization and ground game, and there are reports from a week or 2 ago that Jenni Byrne, the top person in the PMO, had taken personal control of the CPC campaign […]


My brief comments on the ongoing Conservative Senate Saga Scandal

You might have noticed I’ve not said much on the continuing allegations/bombshells being dropped in the Senate these days – with more bombs on additional cheques and PMO and PM involvement being dropped/alleged by ex-Con Senator Mike Duffy today.

At this point, I don’t really have much to add that you haven’t already read at other blogs (go to the aggregators Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers for a nice long list of those) and news sites. I’m just buying the popcorn at a steady pace and enjoying the show and the misery that a scorned Senator (or Senators) wrath is inflicting on Harper and the CPC.

I will say though this: […]


You’re really representing PEI with dignity and class in the Senate, Mike Duffy.

Actually, no you’re not:

He questioned if Canadians are seeing the real Ignatieff, asking, “Is he a multiple personality disorder or something? What is he?” …Duffy also took pointed jabs at other thorns in the Conservative political side, referring to outspoken Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams as “that whack job over in Newfoundland,” and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May as “Bucky the Beaver.”

If the Senate is the chamber of “sober second thought”, then Mike Duffy is definitely like a fish out of water here.


I endorse Mike Duffy going to the Senate as well.

So courtesy of Mr Bowie, we find out that Stephen Taylor, mastermind of the Blogging Tories, has endorsed the Duffster getting a Senate seat appointment – courtesy of Mr Harper’s “I must destroy the Senate (and my principles) to save it (and them)” manoeuvrer, when he does his rumoured 18 Senate appointments sometime in the next month.

I actually will join Stephen in also endorsing Duffy getting a Senate seat, because it means the show Duffy hosts might actually get a host/hostess whose Conservative biases are a tad less evident. However, I’m not sure Jane Taber (who I’d guess would be first in the running to replace Duffy if his […]


About boycotting CTV.

I see James Curran is wanting to organize a boycott CTV movement for their unethical release of the outtakes that Stephane Dion did with that interview on Friday, and Mike Duffy’s (and subsequent follow-up by Craig Oliver) hatchet job on Dion. Personally, I’m not sure whether boycotting the whole network is worthwhile or just boycotting Duffy’s show would be effective. But more power to James if he can get it organized (I suggested a Facebook group).

I’d like to take it a step further though and suggest to the Liberal Party that, regardless of the outcome on Tuesday, show your displeasure with Duffy by refusing to send Liberal spokespersons […]


On the Duffy/Dion thing, but moreso on Harper.

So my blogpost this AM is based on what else, this: “Tories show video to play up Dion’s language difficulties.”

You know, I read a good suggestion from a colleague of mine: Maybe we should release ALL the outtakes of ALL the Prime Ministers ever interviewed, and see how that looks and how they did on national TV. As for Duffy, the fact that several of his media colleagues at Macleans called him out on it speaks for itself.

In my opinion though, the bigger issue here is Harper and the Conservative Party campaign, and their reaction to this, even to the point of calling a special news conference for […]


Elizabeth May calls out Mike Duffy on his own show for being a Con shill.

It’s about time someone raked Duffy over the coals for his being a shill for the Conservatives on his show. And Ms. May was the one to do it:

Hat tip to John Waugh for the background on the story, and for a commenter in his comments section for finding the video clips.

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