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Was Tim Hudak Ontario’s version of Michael Ignatieff circa 2011?

I was thinking about that comparison as I digest a surprising Liberal majority in Ontario this AM (but the folks at Forum and Ekos with their last polls called it – so kudos to them. I think Nanos also had 1 poll out that pretty well mirrored the results).

Thinking back to 2011, Harper was (and still isn’t) not a universally loved leader, but Ignatieff was less popular then him (due both to attack ads and his personality in general, I’d argue). In Ontario, the OLP as a whole were not obviously loved by all due to some of their track record, but Hudak was disliked worse, it seems.



A word about sulphur

Apparently, some folks on the Conservative side are a tad upset at some sulphur comparison Mr. Ignatieff made about Harper; some of the usual suspects in the media too. Some folks don’t have very long memories about certain Conservative smear campaigns against present and past Liberal leaders – but hey, Harper didn’t say those smear campaign stuff directly – his sycophants and MP’s did -Â whereas Iggy did say it as a direct description, so that’s apparently horrible.

(I can attest to sulphur smelling like rotten eggs, by the way. I grew up in an area with lots of farms that used sulphur wells. Nasty stuff.)

Above and beyond all […]


Tacking left? Or, just sharply defining more differences? Good, either way.

A story in the Globe and Mail this AM from Martin Lawrence says that on the advice of Peter Donolo, Michael Ignatieff has decided to politically “tack left”. Warren Kinsella on the other hand, says Ignatieff isn’t “tacking left”, but “occupying the centre”, where all the votes are.

Personally, I think both guys are right. I think Ignatieff has tacked to the political centre – thus moving left of where he once was on certain issues (confused yet?). This makes sense, as there is no point in trying to be Conservative lite. The voters who are naturally inclined to vote Conservative, when given a choice between Conservative and Conservative-lite, will […]


Liberals and Iggy promise national childcare program

It’s been nice to see not only the Liberals capitalize on the Conservatives proroguing of Parliament by showing up for work on the Hill, but actually doing some substantive announcements and round-tables on policy, and this is probably their biggest and best one to date – promising to implement a national childcare/daycare program, regardless of how big the deficit is:

Ignatieff unequivocally declared on Monday that if he becomes prime minister, there will be no delay in delivering a national program – and lack of money won’t be an excuse. “This is the number one social priority of an incoming Liberal government,” Ignatieff said during a break in an all-day […]


The time isn’t to panic.. the time is to rethink strategy.

I won’t sugar-coat my views on things; the latest set of polls are not good for those of us in the Liberal camp. The latest includes today’s Ekos poll release, that has a few of us Liberal-allied blogs smarting. I’m sure the Liberal politicians and strategists are smarting even worse.

I have a few qualifiers over these polling disappointments – I’m still not convinced we’d have seen this big of a drop-off if the Liberals had managed to force an election the past 2 weeks. I think people would have been grumpy and then gotten on to accepting it. However, it’s obvious that the charge that the Liberals and Ignatieff […]


My attempt at a segue

I saw this status message on Facebook from a “friend” – who I believe ironically enough is a Harper/Conservative supporter, but who was leaving this in a non-political context:

“Great people talk about ideas; average people talk about things, small people talk about other people. In other words, those talking about others have nothing intelligent to say.”

Great lines. It leads me to think about our current political discourse: Michael Ignatieff is talking about big ideas in his pre-election ads, while all the Conservatives can do is continue to belittle Ignatieff. Here is the Liberal’s latest pre-election ad as an example:

If you listen to this ad, and the […]


Ignatieff: ‘We can do better’ TV ads pre-released to Youtube, Facebook

The English language ad titled “WorldView”:

..and the 2 French language ads – one dealing with the Harper record on the environment, the other with the Harper record on the deficit:

These will be on Canadian TV networks and stations soon, and 3 more of these ads are due out on TV in the next few weeks. In essence, the Liberals are attempting to take a page out of the Conservatives playbook by running pre-election ads. It’s very interesting that the Liberals go positive in the English one (with a subtle message of how the Conservatives haven taken a smaller narrower view of Canada), while the French-language […]


Best article on the Obama visit…

.. in my admittedly Liberal-slanted POV comes from Richard Gwyn of the Star, commenting on the Obama/Ignatieff meeting, titled, Ignatieff has what it takes to be a first-tier leader:

Unless all my instincts are dulled and my antennae have rusted (most certainly possible), I’m pretty sure Ignatieff is going to become our next prime minister…This thought, which has been percolating in my head for a while, went crystalline in mid-week when I read a piece by New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, based on a recent conversation he and some other journalists had with Obama aboard Air Force One.. Obama then remarked to Herbert that occasionally in history, real change […]


Obama and Ignatieff dicuss Omar Khadr.

True to his word, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and (presumably) Bob Rae discussed Omar Khadr with the President today. Here’s part of the discussion President Obama had with Iggy over the Khadr file, as made public by the Liberal leader:

The leader of the official Opposition said Obama told him that the detainees are being classified at different levels. But he did not indicate in which category Khadr was being placed. The president indicated he “was glad to know that the Canadian party is concerned about Mr. Khadr,” Ignatieff said. Ignatieff (also) said he told Obama if the Liberals form a government in the future that “we would be helpful […]


“Iggy is too uppity to be a leader”

That will apparently be the Conservatives – or at least the Blogging Tories – line going after Ignatieff come the next election, if this blogentry of Stephen Taylor that was highlighted over at Macleans is any indication. Apparently, Harper’s attending more hockey games then Ignatieff shows he has the appeal to the common man, or something, while Iggy being the grandson of a Russian czar is supposed to invoke negative connotations; maybe Mr. Taylor is inferring that Iggy would betray our oil rights in the Arctic under the melted Arctic ice to Vladimir Putin, or something.

By the way, let’s take a look at how much empathy and how many […]

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