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A prelude blogpost

I thought I’d put up a brief blogpost this afternoon, as there will be a more significant blogpost later after 4 pm EDT – a bit of a prelude in itself, which is all I’ll say at the moment about that.

Somethings catching my attention today:

-When you’re in a minority government situation, and you’re trying to pass legislation which is not of the non-confidence variety, calling critics of the proposed bill “radical extremists”, as James Moore called those who oppose the government’s copyright bill, is an extremely unhelpful and unproductive way of advancing debate on the issue. (Trying to deny you made the remark later, only to be […]


Speak Out on Copyright! (.ca)

Professor Michael Geist has set up a new website in response to the Canadian government’s Canadian Copyright Consultation forum, which is seeking input from Canadians on what type of Copyright laws they wish to see in Canada.

Why the new website? Professor Geist says its important to not allow a repeat of Bill C-61 to come back and to encourage Canadians to participate in the process:

There has been some criticism over the past week about perceived “A” lists for those invited to roundtables and those excluded. My view is that the only list that really matters is the list of people who take the time to make a public […]


Major business players come out in favour of fair copyright reform laws

Good news on the Canadian copyright reform front for those of us interested in having fair copyright laws; Michael Geist, the person who in my opinion is leading the fight in Canada for a balanced new copyright act, details how some major companies and businesses have formed a coalition to advocate for fair copyright reform in Canada. Telus, Rogers, Google and Yahoo are amongst the players who warn against accepting a clone of the US copyright law:

The coalition, which also includes the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association, the Canadian Association of Internet Providers, the Computer and Communications Industry Association and the Retail Council of […]

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