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Exposing the “Conservatives are good for the economy” as a falsehood.

The Gazetteer asks a very good question over at his blog over why Conservatives are being perceived as good economic stewards in times of economic trouble:

Stephen Harper turned a $12 billion dollar surplus into a deficit in the BEST of times. And now that things are going sideways and he’s telling us that, in these times of ‘uncertainty’, that he’s the best man for the job? And we’re believing him!?

The answer is that the Liberals and others are not drawing enough attention to this. This falsehood needs to be hammered home by them in stump speeches and in ads; they shouldn’t be counting on the media to point […]


Don’t drink and write on this long holiday weekend.

That would be my advice to Fazil Mihlar, who is warning patriotic Canadians that The Liberals Green Shift will possibly lead to the breakup of this country if implemented, and to stop Dion and the Liberals at all cost! Show your patriotism by opposing the Green Shift! 🙄

Impolitical reports this guy is a Fraser Institute alumnus; I’m sure you’re all real shocked or surprised by that.

UPDATE: This screed that passes for a column is being written in a CanWest-owned newspaper. That shouldnt shock or surprise anyone either. Maybe Warren or Senator Grafstein need to buy more then just the National Post in order to clean house – how […]


About the National Post’s difficulty.

I’m not sure I really want to see the National Post go under, as at the very least, it keeps all the right-wing riff-raff in one place, where they can be kept an eye on. If they go under, I don’t think Sun Media has enough room for them all, and they might end up infecting other media centres with their silly views.

Then again, if Warren were to succeed in his dastardly plan to buy them and cut everyone loose (though I think they’re going to have to up the offer substantially from Warren’s initial bid), that’s also going to happen. You’d get a more moderate, reasonable paper that […]


Your Cons. Kool-Aid of the day…

..comes to you surprisingly in the Toronto Star, but not surprisingly from Rob Mitchell, guest columnist in the Star every other week. It’s not a surprise because Rob was a senior aide to former (and short-lived) Ontario Premier Ernie Eves, and so is used to dealing out Kool-Aid like this (though it obviously didn’t help Eves out at all).

My interpretation of his column today is as follows:

Sandra Buckler really did a great job as communications director – which is a bit of an oxymoron with this government, but it needed to stay in power, so I think being overly secretive and not releasing information to the public […]


Journamalism, Part 2

I’m going to borrow Pogge’s phrase here used to describe what he thinks (and is correct in thinking) is bad or inaccurate reporting on some of our Canadian media and point it at the journalists/pundits in another fashion. In this instance, I’m taking aim at the pundits and journalists who months ago ridiculed Stephane Dion and the Liberals for abstaining on the Throne Speech last October and claimed it was done because the Liberals/Dion were weak, or had no principles, etc. I’m not blaming them for being critical of the Liberals abstaining – I wanted the Liberals to pull the plug back then too – but what I’m taking issue […]

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