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My back and forth with London A-News over their census coverage

I’d been meaning to post this sooner, but other events kind of interrupted my intention, so here it is now, for your consideration. When the Census controversy was first brewing last week, it dutifully got reported on last Sunday evening’s broadcast of A-News London (they are a CTV affiliate) as a fight between the Liberals and Conservatives – no mention of the countless editorials and organizations that even then were condemning the move. The station then broadcast excerpts of an interview they did with ex-Cabinet minister (and new apparent point-man for attacking the tyrannical mandatory longform Census and the Liberals who defended it) Maxime Bernier, who happened to be in […]


A lot of concern suddenly about Census intrusiveness where there was none.

The Census is your hot political topic for the summer – right up there with the F-35 fighter jet purchase. Who’da thunk? Certainly not the Harper government, I’d expect, who have now shifted gears (with ex-Cabinet minister Maxime Bernier apparently and suddenly given the lead starring role/spokesperson of this dumb move, in place of Tony Clement, who hasn’t exactly been stellar or persuasive with his arguments, if they can be called that). They now want to recall the House of Commons committee that looks into issues like the Census, so they can explain to Canadians how tyrannical the longform Census has been in mandatory form the past 30 years, and […]


Double standards

Maxime Bernier would get a lot of respect from me if he decided he didn’t appreciate being treated a lot differently by Harper then Lisa Raitt has been under almost exactly the same circumstances and resigned from the Conservative caucus in protest.

He could do so as well without being in any danger of losing his seat in Quebec either.


Miscellaneous Simcoe Day thoughts

What’s this, you’re wondering? Why am I calling it Simcoe Day? Well, its because I prefer calling it that to the rather anemic sounding “civic holiday”. In Toronto, they officially call this day “Simcoe Day” in honour of John Graves Simcoe, the first lietenant-governor of Upper Canada, and since I like having holidays that honour our past historical figures, that’s what I too, am calling it at this blog. Anyhow, some random thoughts on some political issues that have popped up:

1) Am I surprised that a government report basically absolves disgraced former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier and blames his ex-girlfriend Julie Couillard? Not one iota. When have the […]


Your theme today on the Conservatives: secrecy, and secretive

Exhibit 1: Liberals Question Bernier Timeline:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s claim that he was in the dark until Monday about Maxime Bernier’s missing classified documents is under attack following the revelation that the sensitive papers were returned to the government some 24 hours earlier…Government House leader Peter Van Loan surprised many yesterday when he said the Prime Minister learned of the return of the documents on Sunday. “The Prime Minister said that he became aware of it on Sunday afternoon and that is when action was taken,” he said. That immediately drew “oh, oh” from opposition benches. Van Loan quickly backtracked and insisted that Harper was only told of […]


Which scandal do you go after?

Seriously, this Conservative government has so many of them going on right now, which one do you focus on if you’re the opposition? Or do you try to focus on them all, hoping that the Canadian public doesn’t care about the specifics of each scandal, but grasps that whatever the details, the Conservatives aren’t a very clean bunch while in power.

That all said, here are two things I’ve seen today that I like. First, the Canadian public seems to regard the Bernier-Couillard affair as something that needs investigation, if you believe this poll:

Canadians, according to the latest Angus Reid poll, are taking it seriously, with a majority wanting […]


I guess the “busybodies” have won (or were proven right).

Your Maxime Bernier resignation timeline yesterday, and the way the Conservatives handled it:

– Around the middle of the day, when being questioned about these new reports that Maxime’s ex-girlfriend was involved with security at airports, PM Harper utters what may become a famous phrase:

“I don’t take this subject seriously.”

– In QP yesterday afternoon, in response to Michael Ignatieff’s questions, this is what Peter Van Loan said:

“Mr. Speaker,” the House leader began, “our Foreign Affairs Minister and our Prime Minister have been showing considerable leadership on the world stage”

– At about 5 pm on CBC and Don Newman’s Politics show, Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai said […]

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