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Spending the evening with Bob Rae and Martha Dennis.

I had an interesting Wednesday evening in Woodstock. Bob Rae was in town spending some of the day with Oxford Liberal candidate Martha Dennis. They were involved with a round-table in the afternoon with some of Oxford County’s town mayors, and other community and social leaders. They then moved to a gathering at a local Liberal’s home for a little get-together/fund-raising event for Martha. There were about 40-50 people in attendance for this, and there were people there from Woodstock, Tillsonburg and some points in between.

Here’s some photographic evidence that I was at the event, and the proof that Bob Rae is much more photogenic then I am. Also, […]


The anger in tobacco country is palpable towards the Conservatives

I’ve been seeing that anger in a lot of the local newspapers around here in the past month or 2, but it’s drawn enough attention to make it into today’s Toronto Star in an article entitled “Despair and anger in tobacco country”. This isn’t just about the tobacco farmers either being angry at the Cons. and Diane Finley – many in Caledonia, the site of the native protests – blame her and the Cons. for failing to resolve the issue:

For tobacco growers in southwestern Ontario, hope has turned to despair. Banks are foreclosing, marriages are dissolving and some growers have even taken their lives..What the tobacco farmers and the […]

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