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If Garneau is conceding, what of the others?

There were a lot of other LPC leadership contenders I’d have thought would concede the race a lot sooner then Marc Garneau did – those folks who didn’t even have a hope of winning. If Garneau is gone and declared the race over (which I think most everyone was anyhow, other then a couple of wishful thinking columns), then I’m not sure that there’s much benefit to them staying in the race.

Of course, this isn’t exactly great news for the Liberal Party and its Showcase event. There may not be much of an event at this rate… which doesn’t thrill the LPC trying to sell those rather heavily […]


Marc Garneau supports electoral reform – reform that can win if put to the test.

I’m turning back my attention briefly to the Federal Liberal campaign to mention that I’m pleased to see Marc Garneau state he supports electoral reform, and that he supports a version of it that has not been tested in any referendum, and in fact is quite familiar to all the political parties:

If elected, my proposal would be to reform Canada’s electoral system by changing our voting process to a preferential ballot, or a ranked ballot. Used by many other nations, as well as the leadership races for the Liberal Party of Canada, the federal NDP and the Conservative Party of Canada, a preferential ballot better reflects the will of […]

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