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As a blogger, I’ve never felt like the mainstream media were my rival or enemy.

So David Olive writes this column in the Toronto Star today, which more or less claims that the MSM have won the “war” against bloggers, and lists a variety of reasons. You’ll find Warren’s post taking apart some of those reasons, as well as a couple of well-known Liberal/Progressive bloggers reacting in Warren’s comments board, and in their own blogposts, where the MSM is accused of not being able to see the forest for the trees. David then seems to have reconsidered what he said after taking some heat from his blogging hero Eric Alterman in the US, and issues a sorta mea culpa at his blogging place at the […]


Stating the obvious.

Warren Kinsella knows how to run a war-room. While commenting on the Ryan Sparrow suspension for stupid over-the-top partisan remarks toward a dead soldier’s father, he gets it that this week has been a series of gaffes for the Conservatives, and not indicative of a well-oiled Conservatives machine, as some journalists have laughably been claiming. As noted in the prior blogpost, Mr. Travers and Fife and Duffy and other journalists should take note. Read the Globe and Mail while you’re at it, because they obviously get that point too.

Update @ 2:35pm: Ha ha. Hilarious post from Dr Dawg on the Cons. war room troubles, once again proving a […]


A counter-point to the media narrative of the Conservatives “well oiled election machine”

One opinion I’ve held about political blogs in general in Canada is that one thing they can be useful for is to point out stuff that the traditional media might not be covering – ie. they may all have decided on a narrative for this election campaign, and will stick to it regardless of whether events pop up that contradicts that narrative. The blogosphere can point out that this “narrative” is not necessarily the case.

For example, the Conservatives first week of the campaign has hardly been a stellar one or an example of a well-oiled machine. You had “Puffin-Gate” occurring. You had the controversy over Elizabeth May’s inclusions in […]


Better disclosure on your guests, CTV (and maybe better guests, too).

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