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Blogging blahs – but a congrats to Kady O’Malley on getting a CBC gig

When you catch a nasty post-Thanksgiving sinus cold, one really doesn’t feel like blogging too much – not even on something you are passionate about – such as politics. In between sniffling and using up half a forest of Kleenex, however, this caught my eye – Kady O’Malley is making the jump to the Mother Corporation:

Political blogger Kady O’Malley is making the switch from Maclean’s magazine to CBC News. O’Malley, who has covered federal politics for more than a decade, will be part of the CBC News team covering Ottawa and will blog for, beginning Oct. 26. She has covered federal politics as a freelance writer for the […]


A gentle suggestion for fairness.

If Maclean’s is going to give the most prominent Conservative supporting blogger in the country a forum at their site where he can spout his Conservative talking points off, how about they also give a Liberal blogger or a Progressive Blogger an opportunity to put out their point of view? […]


Do you wanna help send Kady O’Malley to blog the G-20?

You have a chance to, as Paul Wells explains at Macleans (read more): […]


A query to Macleans about blogging balance.

I congratulate Stephen Taylor for getting a gig at Macleans as a regular blogger. I do wonder though where the blogging counter-balance to Mr. Taylor’s presence on the Maclean’s roster is, now that they have promoted him and his blogposts to the same blogging section as where you find Coyne/Wells/O’Malley et al. Did the editorial board of Macleans just feel their blogging roster are a majority of “closet Liberals”, so they needed some “balance”, and decided to give Taylor a forum where he can publish his openly pro-Conservative blogging views?

Also.. I noted with amusement that they didn’t even say who Taylor was in his first blogpost. That raised the […]


If you want to see what rightwing ranting and foaming at the mouth looks like..

…check out Andrew Coyne’s liveblogging of the BC Human Rights Tribunal looking into whether Macleans exposed Muslims to hatred by publishing excerpts from Mark Steyn’s book.

Part 1 is here (comments are closed, but you’ll get the idea – even Marc Lemire makes an appearance, accusing Macleans of getting what they deserve), and Part 2 is here (ranting and raving in comments currently in progress).

I’m not picking on Andrew at all – but the comments thread looks like what Small Dead Animals or any number of extreme-right-wing blogs message threads looks like (and many of the lunatics are in there).

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