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Here’s a great example of why Harper wants to gut StatsCanada

Some people have mused that the longform census mandatory form being axed is less of an attempt to bolster the Conservative Tea Party base, then it is to make data less reliable that might cause Harper and his Conservative government grief.

Take this report this morning released by Statistics Canada. It provides very inconvenient facts to counter his ideological rants on the “tough on crime” legislation the Conservatives insist is needed:

Crime rate continues to drop, StatsCan finds

The numbers, rates and severity of crimes reported to police dropped again last year, continuing a 10-year trend, Statistics Canada reports. The numbers fly in the face of the federal Tory government’s […]


A Song In Support of the LongForm Census – ‘Count Me In’

Who says Canadians don’t care about the Census controversy! Check this song that was made by a group of Canadians regarding the Census, called “Count Me In!” – sung in support of keeping the mandatory longform Census:


Will the longform census create a backlash like prorogation did for the Conservatives?

That seems silly, doesn’t it? Why would anyone get worked up over changing part of the census that 20% of the population are required to answer so that it’s voluntary, rather then mandatory?

I’m sure the Conservatives thought the same over prorogation. Who cares if the Christmas break gets extended, and all the House business gets dropped? It isn’t quite to that stage yet, but it’s getting there, and it sounds like Prime Minister Harper is the man chiefly responsible for both the axing of the long form census being mandatory, and also the resulting flack because of it:

“Harper does not like StatsCan, that’s what we kept hearing,” according […]


Keep the Long Form part of the census mandatory; what you can do to protest this decision.

Some ink has been splashed of late detailing the Conservative government’s quiet decision to scrap the mandatory filling out of the long form census -without parliamentary debate, I might add.

There have been more then a few newspaper editorials condemning this rather short-sighted move, based it appears on ideological considerations (or more specifically, bowing to pressure to the Conservatives’ paranoid voter base), but I’m opposing it not on political/ideological grounds – I’d oppose this move regardless of who was in government – but based on a genealogist’s point of view, which is best expressed here by Gordon Watts, who writes at the Global Gazette, Canada’s Online Family History Magazine:

Genealogists […]

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