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After reading this, I wonder if Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt still thinks the lack of nuclear isotopes being produced up at Chalk River is “sexy”:

The Chalk River nuclear reactor could be out of service for the rest of the year, leaving nuclear medicine specialists across Canada scrambling to find isotopes for life-saving diagnostic procedures…Fixing the reactor’s heavy water leak – a job first expected to be completed by the end of summer – will now likely stretch well into the fall, a source said. The source said the delay is consistent with what AECL has been telegraphing for some time, much to the frustration of Natural Resources Minister […]


Get some more popcorn ready..

Courtesy Buckets, we find out from Chronicle-Herald reporter Stephen Mayer that there may be more goodies coming from the Lisa Raitt tape very soon:

In the section of the recording that we have been able to decipher (we are now having the recording cleaned up electronically so we can hear more of the conversation), Ms. Raitt speaks to an aide about cabinet colleagues, her career ambitions and — over and over again — what might please or displease Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Wouldn’t all this be fun to hear, and fun to hear all the contortions from various cabinet ministers and Harper on Raitt’s thoughts – particularly during a potential […]


Odd comment..

In brief, I find it rather interesting that Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, who Harper and his officials have spent some political capital on in defending her from calls of resignation (and refusing her resignation in the lost binders flap a week ago), is all of a sudden getting dissed by anonymous officials from the government. Perhaps the folks in the PMO are reconsidering their defence of Raitt; as Buckets asks at his site, what else is on those tapes – a critique of Stephen Harper, perhaps?


Magna 2 and Raitt-gate’s effect on polling.

I call this little staged presentation being done today Magna 2:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to present a rosy picture of his Conservative government’s handling of the recession Thursday in a slick made-for-TV presentation designed to forestall a quick summer election…The presentation will be moderated by Senator Mike Duffy, a former television journalist, and feature Harper, flanked by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley and Gary Goodyear, the local MP and Minister of State for Science. It will include a staged interview segment between Harper and Duffy.

I call it Magna 2 because it’s very eerily similar to what the Ontario Conservative government did in 2003 when it […]


Conservative overnight polling must have been lousy on “sexy isotopes” (Raitt apologizes).

A day after refusing to give an apology in the House during Question Period to cancer patients and groups for her saying that the isotope shortage for cancer patients was “sexy”, suddenly we get an apology from a contrite looking Raitt today:

“Today I personally want to communicate my deep regret for wording I used in a private discussion earlier this year, which was inadvertently recorded,” Ms. Raitt told a hastily arranged news conference on Parliament Hill…Cancer patients have widely been quoted in the news media as denouncing her words. “I want to offer a clear apology to anyone who has been affected by what I have said,” she […]


More of Lisa Raitt critiquing her fellow cabinet ministers..

This time, it’s Jim Prentice:

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is the second minister subjected to a less-than-flattering assessment from the natural resources minister. Sources familiar with the tape say Raitt suggests her colleague is pandering to Alberta´s oil sands. What makes that observation surprising is that Raitt – as natural resources minister – is responsible for defending the oil sands, while Prentice is responsible for reducing carbon emissions.

I suspected there was going to be a lot more “material” on here then just Chalk River and her assessment of the Health Minister when we found out there was 5 hours worth of material on this tape. Prentice is the next […]


Apparently, pointing out a minister’s inappropriate statements is “cheap politics”.

That’s what Stephen Harper wants you all to know of what he thinks about Lisa Raitt’s “the isotope crisis, cancer, etc.. is sexy” remarks. Ignatieff comes back with the appropriate retort that the only cheap politics at play is a minister viewing a health crisis as an opportunity for career advancement.

Meanwhile, if we see more of this getting into newspapers detailing outraged cancer survivors and patients, Harper won’t be able to defend his gaffe-prone Natural Resources Minister for long – she herself will become too radioactive even for him:

Cancer survivors and their supporters say they’re astounded Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt would describe the shortage of isotopes […]


Juicy tidbits for a Monday

– If the story mentioned at this site in Nova Scotia and referenced to by Warren and a few others this morning is true, and the Halifax Chronicle Herald wins the right to publicize whatever is on this alleged tape, Lisa Raitt will not survive this. Keep an eye on the national broadcasters and/or the Chronicle Herald’s site today (as well as the Nova Scotia site).

– When it isn’t tapes causing Harper and the Conservatives trouble, or lost binders on nuclear isotopes, it’s brown paper envelopes getting sent to newspapers such as Le Devoir detailing how Canada would try to privately undermine the Bali environmental agreement that it didn’t […]


Is there a 26 year old aide or 2 that the Conservatives can blame for these?

Following the Lisa Raitt missing binder affair, I’m sure these 2 stories aren’t exactly what the Conservatives had in mind to demonstrate to the Canadian electorate there is competence in this government:

– First, it seems there’s a lot of gold missing out of the Canadian Mint, though they’re not sure how much yet, or the Conservatives are refusing to say. (H/T Woman @ Mile 0)

– Second, it seems that in the government’s haste to sell off “extra items” that Rideau Hall had, they somehow managed to sell some silver flower baskets that were on loan from Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace (and they didn’t even get full value […]


Focus on the real scandal.

The Toronto Star came up with a cute name for the Chalk River/missing documents scandal that has engulfed Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt and caused the Conservatives to scapegoat her aide; they’re calling it Raitt-Gate. Very cute, if not exactly original.

In the very same paper, the Toronto Star editorial thinks the opposition should move on from calling on Raitt to resign. I’ll agree to a point, and say what I’ve said on here before; the Opposition parties should be focusing on the actual details that were leaked in that binder. The Toronto Star editorial failed to mention that part of this scandal, and seems to have failed to realize […]

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