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Even a half-hearted race for LPC leader is preferable to a coronation

Chantal Hebert’s column in the Toronto Star on Justin Trudeau says that he is the frontrunner for Liberal Party leader, even as he is still not officially a candidate. It makes the point that many Liberals are putting their leadership aspirations on hold until he declares finally one way or the other whether he is running, and if he does run, they won’t be.

It would be unfortunate, in my view, if there is no real competition to him if he does decide to run, whether he ends up being the “best” candidate for the job or not. Another coronation at this point for the LPC leadership wouldn’t be a […]


New poll shows the challenge for the new Liberal leader

The National Post released an Ipsos-Reid poll yesterday, and it shows that a lot of the anti-Harper vote has and continues to coalesce around the NDP:

According to the poll, which asked Canadians who they would vote for if an election occurred today, the NDP under Thomas Mulcair would receive 38% of the popular vote, up three points since last month. (That’s also well up from the 2011 election, when the NDP finished second with 31% of the vote.) The governing Tories would receive 35% of the vote, down two points since last month (and also down from the 40% they attained to win a majority government last year.) Support […]


Brief thoughts on Bob Rae running or not running

There was a bit of a dustup online (amongst Liberals anyhow) over this story CBC broke yesterday:

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae will be permitted to run in his party’s leadership race and he is expected to enter the race, CBC News has learned…Party President Mike Crawley said a motion will be presented next Wednesday “to clarify how Rae could put himself forward as a candidate.”

The main debate raging seems to be over Bob breaking his word last year he would not put himself forward as a candidate for the permanent leader position (and you can find that quote of his very easily – at Macleans for one from […]


Borys Wrzesnewskyj… I propose “call me Borys” for the campaign slogan

I’m going to need to first off learn how to pronounce Borys’s last name correctly. Secondly, like a couple of other Liberal bloggers, his entry into the Liberal leadership race is very intriguing.

Now, I don’t know a lot about Borys, other then his participation in the Ukrainian motion and such that is described in the original article, so just because he seems a good grass-roots candidate doesn’t mean I’m going to support him until I research him a bit more.. but this party and this party leadership race needs a good shake-up, and if Borys can supply that, that’s half the battle for me.



Some more endorsements.

It’s been understandably a tad slow of late with Liberal blogs and who they endorse for Liberal leader; the events of the past week have understandably caught everyone’s attention. Now after a week’s lull, we’ve had 2 additional ones going into the Rae column: The Independent Partisan, and Blogging if necessary but not necessarily blogging.

Whether these and the rest of the list of blogs who have endorsed a candidate turn out to be a moot point will depend on what the LPC executive decide to do on Wednesday. If there is still a formal leadership convention in May, then I’ve no reason to remove the lists. An item related […]


Random Observations – Harper, Colombia, more Iggy blog endorsements.

– In case you missed it, Harper has signed a Free Trade agreement with Colombia, which has had one of the worst human-rights records in the hemisphere, as well as still being the largest producer of cocaine in the world. It’s not a surprise Harper would sign this despite all of that, since he considers Colombia and its president Uribe to be an ideological friend, and he has dismissed calls before that he is placing trade over human rights. The Toronto Star is right in calling for opposition MP’s to force Harper to commission an independent human rights assessment of the country before approving this Free Trade Agreement.

– […]


Another horserace?

The Globe and Mail’s Lawrence Martin seems to think so, judging by its article on Dominic Leblanc titled Will Dominic Leblanc be the Liberal’s Kingmaker? as highlighted by James Morton’s blogpiece:

For an unheralded candidate, he’s off to a good start. He has an impressive base of support in the Maritimes; will attract many younger delegates; has strong ties, being an Acadian, to francophones; and is building up support in British Columbia. A first-ballot haul of 10 per cent to 20 per cent of the delegates is well possible. From there, he could navigate the outcome, choosing to move to Bob Rae or Michael Ignatieff on the second ballot.

If […]


List of blog endorsements of Liberal leadership candidates update

Things have slowed down a bit on the blog endorsement front in the past week or so, but I thought this would be a good time to mention how the 3 leadership candidates for the Liberal Party leadership are doing endorsement wise amongst the Liberal blogs (both those on Liblogs and those who aren’t).

As you might expect being “the front-runner”, Michael Ignatieff leads with 9 blogs endorsing him – he got an additional blog endorsement today courtesy of Vijay Sappani’s blog. Bob Rae comes in second with 6 blog endorsements, followed closely by Dominic Leblanc with 5. So, Bob and Dom’s blog endorsements together outnumber Iggy’s. If that ratio […]


Rae Day

So Bob Rae has officially announced his candidacy for leader of the Liberal Party, which Kady is live-blogging the news conference where he’s doing the announcing.

Later today, Mr. Rae will be holding a “bloggers news conference” which apparently has Liberal bloggers of all persuasion invited, regardless of who they are supporting. As someone who is undeclared/neutral, it should be an interesting event, to hear what the bloggers ask him, and what his responses are – particularly to Liberal bloggers who’ve already endorsed another candidate.

(And yes, I do have a question in mind to ask him if I get a chance to ask it).


Leblanc gets a major blog endorsement.

I won’t be posting one of these updates every time we get a new Liberal blogger or blog endorsing such and such a candidate, but when a major Liberal blogger endorses, that’s noteworthy. Since Jason Cherniak stepped away from blogging, I’m going to make an educated guess that Dan Arnold of Calgary Grit is probably the most widely known and most widely read of the Liberal bloggers out there. This morning, he’s made it known that he’s endorsing Dominic Leblanc for Liberal leader, and lists the reasons why:

In short, LeBlanc is a politician of great potential, the only knocks being a lack of name recognition and a really bad […]

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