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I guess his “hospitality suite” was the clincher..

I was giving him a bit of a hard time over this hospitality suite stuff, but maybe it did the trick, because fellow Liberal, and fellow Liberal blogger/Progressive Blogger James Morton has been elected to the Deputy Chair on the Council Of Presidents of the Liberal Party of Canada.

To see what James intends to do on the COP, check out this Liberal Minute interview he did with Jason Lamarche just prior to the final vote taking place. (I especially loved the part about how he wanted to have the COP use blogs to communicate – excellent idea).

Congrats James (and I hope despite the new position, you can still […]


Top-down politics?

Warren Kinsella reminiscing about Alfred Apps today at his blogpost:

In 1982, for example, I remember standing behind a young firebrand from Toronto as he railed against the unelected power brokers in the party; this weekend, the same guy is making his debut as the acclaimed party president.

Unfortunately, it would appear Alfred has become what he once railed against. I’ll admit that Alf’s method is certainly a good way to indicate to people in a less then subtle manner to them that you don’t think you could work with them if they were elected to a position that involves reporting to you. No beating around the bush, and Fabrice […]


Iggy endorses the one-member-one-vote proposal

Jeff points to Ignatieff in the Hill-Times endorsing the One Member One Vote constitutional proposal that will be voted on at the Liberal Convention in the upcoming week. Brief snippet:

It’s not a detail, it’s not housecleaning; it changes the way the party works. It says to everybody who want s to join our party, ‘If you join our party you get to vote for the man or woman who may be the prime minister of your country—so join the party.’

So along with Rocco Rossi, the National Director who has long publicly endorsed OMOV, the leader of the Liberal Party speaks out and shows he is in favour of […]


Scott’s Diatribes interviews John Lennard, Young Liberal of Canada Presidential candidate.

The Liberal Convention is going to be starting in a couple of days, and along with the formal nod of Michael Ignatieff as Liberal Party leader, as well as various policy debates, there is also going to be elections for the Young Liberals Of Canada association (or the YLC). Normally, that would probably be an afterthought amongst even Liberal Party members, let alone general political observers, but because of the controversy taking place over the Young Liberals of Canada proposal to sub-amend the One-Member-One-Vote constitutional proposal to include a 25% quota for youth delegates, it is probably garnering a bit more attention, as that issue spills over into the YLC […]


OMOV and YLC quotas: From agnostic to against.

You might remember on Friday I said I had reservations about this Young Liberal of Canada amendment that would support One Member One Vote – conditional on the YLC retaining their 25% quota of youth delegates at Liberal conventions.

After reading a couple of Liberal blogs that have popped up opposing this “amendment to the amendment”, but in particular and specifically after reading Jeff’s blogpost and Steve’s blogpost expressing their reasoning for being against the YLC sub-amendment, I’ve turned from being indifferent to the YLC amendment to outright opposing it (and from talking to a few other Liberal bloggers in private, and seeing some bloggers in some of the above […]

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