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New Liberal Ads – and where do we go from here when going after Harper.

The first one, as you might guess, again goes after Harper’s economic record.

The only regret I have about this ad is that it wasn’t planned for release tomorrow, because I think that line of Harper’s where he said “there are probably some great buying opportunities emerging on the stock market as a consequence of all this panic. could have been added to great effect in this ad. That comment is going to bite him big-time, if it gets repeated to the Canadian public, but there’s still time to use it, of course. Anyhow this is still quite hard-hitting, particularly with all the media quotes.

The 2nd ad is a bit more of a feel-good “Why I’m voting Liberal” theme:

….though it does add a few digs at Harper.

You can say what you like about how the campaign has gone, but the Liberal War Room and the ad-makers have done in my opinion a very good job with their ads. Some others agree.

As I said earlier, I think we should be punching Harper in the mouth over and over again with that “great buying opportunities emerging in the stock market as a consequence of all this panic, line he did. That shows him out-of-touch with ordinary Canadians, and damages him and the Conservative Party far more then anything the Liberals or others could say about him. Dion needs to be bringing it up at every stump speech, and I think we need some more commercials hammering on this.

James Carville, a Democratic operative and strategy guy who was very good in the Bill Clinton Days, once said that when your opponent is drowning, throw them an anvil. In my opinion, that quote is a self-inflicted wound of Harper’s, and is potentially the anvil. We just need to throw it at him over and over.


New Liberal Campaign Ad

UPDATE @ 1:24 pm: My thoughts on the ad.

Another ad linking the economy to the environment by the Liberals, as well as bringing in the world perspective on going green and showing the links to the economy. I particularly like the showing of the US flag, and the newspaper clipping on jobs (if you read the fine print, you’ll see it’s referring to the State of California), because it implies even the US is doing something to acknowledge the environment and the economy are now linked, while Canada under Harper has done nothing.

Canadians have to realize if Harper is re-elected – particularly with a majority – and […]


The new Liberal TV Ad: “Harpernomics and You”

This particular one is a 15 second snippet, rather then the 30 second ones we’ve been seeing, but continuing on the “Harpernomics” and “Do you really want more of this?” theme we see in the Listeriosis Ad:

Again, this one is aimed at aggressively attacking the perception that Harper has created that somehow only the Conservatives can best manage the economy correctly. I’d prefer a 30 second segment showing more of what we’re going after Harper over on the “cutting economic development” front, but the Liberals might have something in mind by playing these quick ad bites.

Anyhow, perhaps they saw A Creative Revolution’s Youtube video on the same theme, and decided they liked it enough to do their own version of it. Let’s replay that one to show how the bloggers over there did it:


Nanos Poll: Gap narrows to 6 points, Liberals release new ad.

There are a lot of polls out there. You also have a lot of newspapers declaring this and that over their particular poll they’ve sponsored without mentioning a thing about other polls that may contradict their specific pollster’s narrative. See the doom and gloom predictions of the Toronto Star and Jim Travers in this past Saturday edition for evidence of that.

Well, Nanos has come out with their tracking poll today, and it shows a tightening of the race down to 6 points between the Liberals and the Cons, down from 8 points the past 2 days. Note also the big undecided vote in that poll – this election is still in play, despite what some in the media would have you think. Decima is still showing a good lead for the Cons, but their poll is also trending well for the Liberals (they have gained back 6 points against the Cons in the past 2 Decima polls), and as BigCityLib and Steve say, the Conservatives policies and such may be coming under greater scrutiny now by the electorate… and the warm and fuzzy sweater ads may be wearing off.

With all that said, the timing of this new ad below to be played in the English language market by the Liberals is well-timed, in my view. It’s a little harder in tone, which I think is going to be necessary, but exudes a positive frame at the end. Keep hitting them where it hurts, as Warren K. opines today, and don’t be afraid to hit hard.

UPDATE @ 3:52 pm: Warren approves of the new ad.


Monday morning political bits ‘n bytes

– I like the new Liberal ad talking about the Green Shift. It explains the policy very well, but I like it more so because Harper was sniffing at his press conference yesterday morning while announcing the election the Liberals were going to probably attack him and “go negative” to avoid talking about the Green Shift because the Liberals were too scared to talk about it. Bingo! First election ad out talks about the Green Shift (which Dion has been talking about all summer long, but Harper already knew that. He was just being his usual disingenuous self).

– Speaking of being scared, for someone who is bragging about showing […]

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