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Liberal Ad #2 Released today – Liberal Leadership

Well, straight on the heels of the prior post talking about the newest Liberal ad, I noticed the Liberals had released a 2nd ad today and so here it is:

You might remember this ad from somewhere else. This was released a couple of years ago after the initial Conservative attack ads on Dion after he won the leadership. The Liberals have decided to re-release this to emphasize what they feel is “real leadership” – which in this case is real results on the world stage to do with the environment. It’s not a bad idea to remind people of this either.



Do Canadians really want more of Harper and his party?

I sure don’t:

Myself, I would have preferred if the Liberals would have been more specific in referencing the Canadian Medical Association Journal Article which blamed the Conservatives in part for this tragedy instead of just talking vaguely about failed measures, and I would have preferred talking about all the ex-Harris cabinet ministers that were in Mike Harris’s government whose similar measures led to Walkerton. It’s a good ad, but it could have been a much better ad.

Ultimately, as I and other progressive bloggers keep repeating, this shouldn’t be targeted solely on Ritz; this should be focused on the Conservatives policy in general of cutting funding for meat […]

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