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“5 Questions” Interview(s) With Ontario Liberal Party Candidates: Mitzie Hunter

Mitzie Hunter is next up in answering some questions about her Ontario Liberal Party leadership run. You’ll find her relevant website and contact info below the very last answer of hers.



“5 Questions” Interview(s) With Ontario Liberal Party Candidates: Kate Graham

Kate Graham is the next of the leadership candidates for the Ontario Liberal Party to submit her answers to my “5 Questions”. You can find Kate’s website here. Her answers in their entirety are below.



“5 Questions” Interview(s) With Ontario Liberal Party Candidates: Alvin Tedjo

Alvin Tedjo is the 2nd of the Ontario Liberal Leadership candidates to turn in his answers to my “5 Questions” series. You can find his website here. His answers are again unedited by me and presented in their original format below.



“5 Questions” Interview(s) With Ontario Liberal Party Candidates: Michael Coteau

If you were to search through my archives, you would find back in 2012 that I did a series of “5 Questions” with Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidates who were running to replace Dalton McGuinty (eventually won by Kathleen Wynne). It is 2019 and we have another OLP leadership race, and so I figured I’d pull the 5 Questions format out again and quiz the candidates. I’ve heard from 6 of the 7 candidates who were willing to participate – the 7th I’ve not heard back from as of yet, but will include in this series if they wish to participate. I thank all of the candidates for participating […]


Thanks Dalton for your public service.

Who said Canadian politics was boring? Premier Dalton Mcguinty of Ontario resigned yesterday, in a rather unexpected move. He has been premier of Ontario for 9 years. I’ve had my beefs with him and his government the past year or 2, but no denying that a) he did bring in a lot of good things while Premier (ie all-day kindergarten) and he also helped to bring Ontario out of the dark rule of Mike Harris and his bunch. For that especially, I am thankful.

Will he run as a federal Liberal leader? If he does, he may be that “moderate” or business-type Liberal counterweight some federal Liberals are desperately […]


The more (choice), the merrier

I sincerely hope this is true:

At least a half dozen Liberal leadership candidates could be gearing up their campaigns as soon as this summer. Liberal party president Mike Crawley says he knows of about “six or seven” people who are thinking of entering the contest, which he expects to heat up by July…Among the rumoured candidates are former 2006 leadership candidates Gerard Kennedy, Scott Brison and Martha Hall-Findlay, as well as current MPs Marc Garneau, Denis Coderre and David McGuinty. David Bertschi, who ran unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in Ottawa in the last election, has said he’s thinking of running. too.

Bob Rae of course is also rumoured […]


Don’t whisper that too loudly, Tim.

Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris apparently is a big supporter of Ontario PC leadership hopeful Tim Hudak.

I’m sure the core Conservative right-wing base in Ontario will just love that, but Ontario voters have long memories ; particularly of Harris, and not in a good manner. I’m not sure Tim’s campaign should be thinking having Harris as a prominent supporter of your guy is a plus in the rest of Ontario who aren’t wingnuts.


McKenna not running for Liberal leadership

The former Liberal premier of New Brunswick, Frank McKenna, has announced he will not be running for the Liberal leadership. I’ve stated a couple of times I’d remain neutral in this race (for now), but I’ll say this: you can’t argue with his success as premier, but for myself anyhow, Mr. Mckenna was a bit too far to the right on certain issues – and you probably wouldn’t have seen me rushing to embrace his candidacy.

I should also mention per Warren’s blog earlier, that Dominic Leblanc is the first to enter the ring to compete for the Liberal leadership. I confess I don’t know much about his policy positions on issues, and whether he agrees that the Liberal Party needs some serious institutional and structural reforms, such as what Liberal 308 is advocating for, but I did state I’d hope some fresh faces would step forth for this leadership race, and he’s certainly that.


What happens after Monday.

So we’ve received word through a Liberal Party news release that Stephane Dion is holding a press conference on Monday at 2 pm. In all likelihood, it means that Dion will announce his resignation and that a new leader will be picked in May, which was going to be the leadership review.

I’m going to pick up a bit from my one post where I speculated “what the Liberals should do if Dion leaves as leader”, and say if that is the scenario that plays out on Monday, whether Dion remains the interim leader or someone else is picked, we had better not see the Liberals fold like a cheap […]

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