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This poll and that poll – more summer bad news for the Conservatives

More polls to talk about today. First, two-thirds of Canadians who were polled disapprove of Prime Minister proroguing Parliament in Sept and waiting until late October to reconvene Parliament.

As I said in my blogpost just the other day, this is probably the most “conventional” use of proroguing Parliament (or intending to prorogue, as he hasnt formally asked for it yet) that Harper has done while in government, and it’s ironic that on the more conventional type of prorogue, Harper’s getting massive disapproval of his intent to use it again.. but I guess that’s what you get when you abuse it a couple of other times.

The other poll […]


The makings of Trudeau policy and what he stands for

In my own humble (and admittedly partisan) opinion, I think Justin Trudeau has had a good week. First, he strongly criticized the PQ intention of banning religious headgear from Quebec government institutions etc, calling that going against Canadian values and rights (right in step with how his father would have reacted to this), and then he had the upfront, honest interview of how he had dabbled in pot even as an MP, setting off a predictable torrent from the Conservatives (which I suspect he anticipated and perhaps even wanted).

I would argue that both stances will help, not hurt his reputation with a good portion of what we call […]


Amateur Hour

I’m not sure this should surprise anyone, given the way the PMO has acted recently:

The Prime Minister’s Office orchestrated a protest earlier this month at which Conservative party interns mocked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during an open-air news conference. It is the latest revelation about the lengths to which Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office — the nerve centre of the federal government — will go to meddle in partisan politics.

Not that I want to encourage this type of behaviour, but next time you try to stage an astro-turfed protest; try to dress and act the part, and don’t run away when reporters question who you are. That gives […]


Things you don’t see every day…

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation endorsing a Liberal’s plan? Yup. In this case, it is Justin Trudeau’s proposed expense reforms for MP’s and Senator’s, as well as the unilateral decision starting in the Autumn of Liberals opening up their expenses for public scrutiny:

Liberal MPs and senators will be publicly posting their travel and hospitality expenses starting this fall as part of what leader Justin Trudeau is billing as a wider effort to bring openness to politics on Parliament Hill….Liberals will be introducing legislation in the fall to open up the secretive discussions of the Commons’ Board of Internal Economy, which makes most decisions involving finance and administration of MPs’ offices. […]


On Senate Reform

Your latest poll from Forum Research on what should be done with the Senate:

“More than one third want to abolish the Senate. An additional 37% called for the Senate to become an elected body. Less than 10% felt it best to leave the Senate as is. The latest results are consistent with an earlier Forum poll on the Senate, which was conducted before the scandal gained traction. Those February results also show the majority split between abolition and reform.”

I’m in the electoral reform camp, as you may know from reading here. Consequently, I disagree with Justin Trudeau that the only thing needed to improve the Senate is to […]


The reason(s) behind individual Conservative MP’s rejecting Anti-Trudeau 10%’ers

I find the revelations that several Conservative MP’s are uneasy and not willing to participate in the “10 percent’er” mass mail attack ad campaign that the Conservative Party plan against Justin Trudeau to be rather fascinating (privately as well, apparently). I’m curious of course why there is unease now at this, when there certainly wasn’t or wouldn’t be if this was Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff, and this mailing was planned for Conservative-held ridings – mostly friendly territory you would think, for the usual smear stuff like this.

Are individual MP’s getting more flack from their riding’s voters then we publicly know – and is it due to the fact […]


Positive vs Negative (Ads)

As soon as Justin Trudeau won, the Conservative attack ads came out. Everyone knew they’d be coming, but they came out far earlier then they did after Dion and Ignatieff became Liberal leaders, hinting and indicating that the Conservatives are very concerned about Justin Trudeau, even 2 years out from the next election.

Debate has raged of course, whether JT’s declaration that he was going to stay positive would work or not. Some believe it to be needlessly unilaterally disarming themselves, others feel that Trudeau is already a known quantity and that this alone should allow him to resist the negative battering.

What we didn’t know however was whether the […]


Congrats to JT; plus musings on attack ads & other things

Unless you’ve been away this weekend, you already know Justin Trudeau was overwhelmingly selected to be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada on Sunday. My congratulations to him, as well as the other candidates who ran for the post.

What might be next for him and the Liberal Party to do, strategy wise? He has up to a year and a half before the next election. There are already rumblings the Conservatives have their attack ads ready to go on him. They used those attack ads to define (negatively) Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, before they could define themselves to the Canadian public. Thomas Mulcair of the […]


Another Liberal debate – JT came out of it smelling like roses

Another in the series of Liberal debates happened on the weekend. As you might have heard, Martha Hall Findlay decided to go after Justin Trudeau on the question of privilege and class – whether someone who’s been privileged as Justin Trudeau has been can actually speak for the middle class was the premise of the question.

Quite frankly, the way it was put came out rather classless, but it was apparent Mr. Trudeau was anticipating it – as he turned it into a passionate defense of what he stands for. MHF would later give a “sorta apology” for the question – such was the blow-back on it which more or […]


I don’t like this particular bunch in government either, Justin

Sun News has decided it needs to help Joan Crockett, the CPC candidate in Calgary Centre’s by-election, from suffering an embarrassing loss for the Conservatives, so it dredged up a 2 year old Justin Trudeau quote about him not liking Albertans running the country, and succeeded in getting some of the rest of the Canadian media to go along with the howling about whether Trudeau should be apologizing for this or not.

Personally, I feel there are several Albertan conservative political types who would be fine running the country- Joe Clark for example, or Alison Redford. I’d disagree with a lot of what they’d do, but they are far more […]

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